Monday, February 15, 2010

In Another Time

Quote of the day:

Change the way you look at things, and the things you look at will change.
-Dr. Wayne Dyer

You know one of those moments...

When everything about life just seem to take on a new when you start seeing things in a different light?

It's not just your perspectives that change though....
Sometimes your intuition too...that sixth sense takes on a whole new meaning...a new importance even.

All of a sudden you appear more careful about certain things you say...and how you say it.
More cautious about the people you meet...and places you you are seen at.

You become more choosy -about food and love, even more so critical about friends and their friends, cynical even about other stuff.

You reach that point where something inside of you keeps telling you "slow down" need to slow down.

There grows a certain suspicion that life isn't all about events anymore, but rather about people and individuals....just paint brushes on a canvas, a canvas on display for the whole world to see and embrace for what it is-art or heart...

If u ever felt surrounded by loving people...
But deep down inside you..its all loneliness.
Lonely like a tear in a raindrop...

If you ever felt like shutting out the whole world...and all the noise.
But deep within's not so quiet after all.
Clutter of veins turns insanity to vanity.

In another time...

Much love folks.

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  1. lol...@ previous comments...but you are right, in ur comment and in the post...loved the quote.

  2. At a certain point, yes our intuition changes. Call it "maturity."

  3. I like... Yup at certain times, things have to change, for example from clumping everything as 'general' to looking at the 'specifics'... yeah I echo Jaycee.. lol.. growing up might be it :-)

    How are you doing? Have an awesome week. much luv

  4. Change is inevitable sometimes...but go on you must...

    Love you choice of words btw! :)

  5. @neefemi: Thanks :)

    @Jaycee: Yep that's the word..

    @Remi, Hi ya..fancy seeing u here.I'm doing just fine. Enjoy the rest of your week.

    @P.T: Go on we must..indeed. Hey appreciate your stopping.and many thanks!

  6. Love the write-up. I guess change remains constant, come what may.

  7. I know the feeling of being surrounded by loving people but still feeling lonely... I guess we continue to grow... I also like your blog layout

  8. @MW: Change remains constant..true that. Nice seeing you on here.

    @Suru: Hey many thanks!

  9. that explains how riches can sometimes be a source of unhappiness. well said.


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