Thursday, March 25, 2010

Hit And Miss

Quote of the day:

Mind is all that counts. You can be whatever you make up your mind to be.
-Robert Collier

A hit...
A miss...
A bullet missing it's mark.

A piece of me...
A fragment of us.

A cut...
A fix...
A mend in time saves nine.

A path..
A diversion...
A Crossroad leading to eternity.

A hit..
A miss..
A mission to accomplish.

Thank you guys for the wishes and comments on my last post.
Appreciate that...
Love and peace.

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  1. I sense some sadness in this but that'[s the beauty of your work. It could mean anything.

  2. I think i don't
    have the intellectual
    ability to untangle
    the meaning...

    difficult (beyond scratching head, lol)

    still thinking
    but lovely poem!

  3. I feel the same way Taynement feels about this post. But I'm glad you wrote "A Mission to Accomplish," cos you've got some fans in da house<<< :)

  4. @TM: Yes you sensed is a mellow piece.
    How are you my friend..

    @Tisha: Haha....i know right! Thank you for stopping by.

    Jaycee: Why thank you miss :)

  5. WOW....
    i'm blown away...
    will share this with others on my skype.

  6. @Shels: Hey glad you like. Many thanks for dropping by*

  7. So smooth and soothing.

    That's what I love about words, they are so diverse.

    And you make use of that well.

  8. @NakedSha: Thank you for your kind words...appreciate your presence.

  9. Hi Blogo, ho is your week going? I like the poem, cryptic as usual. Have a great weekend.

  10. Nice poem,kinda inward.. I like...
    Would you like to have the banner of WE ARE JOS on your blog?That would be real nice of you..If yes, please visit


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