Friday, March 26, 2010

Legend In The Making

Quote of the day:

“If you only do what you know you can do- you never do very much.”
-Tom Krause quotes

The so called legends of our times...

I wonder if they'd still be known as legends, if...
If they had stuck to only what they knew they could do.

We live our lives experimenting...
Tasting, searching, seeking, finding....

We make the mistake of allowing people to define our joy...our happiness in life. We give them permission to make us feel inferior...but truth be told that power lies with you.

Don't give anyone permission to take your joy away...

Life is take time to notice the little things out there.
Like the blushing sun...and the underlying clouds.
Like the people that like you for who you are...not what you are.

The world's greatest riches flows in your veins....a fountain of knowledge.
Seek and ye shall find...

So what if you know only one thing...?
Refuse to let your life be defined by just 'one thing'.

Instead see an ocean of infinite possibilities.

Don't let what is ahead...
Stop you from enjoying where you are now!

Be who you are..
Stay confident day in..and day out.
You know why?...because you are a legend in the making!

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  1. Nice one man...

    Tell them oh... I am a legend in the making


  2. Harry-Rami Itie: Yes!! Good lookin' out..

  3. This is really lovely.

    I like to preach that too. Find interest in the mundane things of life!


  4. This sure makes me feel good about myself, I'm a legend in the making!

  5. PREACH!!!! have a good weekend

  6. I sure do want to keep noticing little things like, "the blushing of the sun," (I liked how you wrote that).

    And hey, if we only did what we knew...we'd never grow. Exploration is a part of life...the whole learning process with each passing day.

    This was a good one Blogo! (see the nickname I just gave u)

  7. @Nutty J: Why..thank you :)

    @NakedSha: Seen. I see we have a common ground,wink*

    @Omotee!: Yes you are...and don't you forget that :)

    @neefemi: Hello..great weekend yea*

    @Tatababe: You bet!

    @Jaycee: lol@ the nickname. is it going with you. Exploration is a part of life,true indeed-we live and learn.
    Many thanks.

    @Tisha: Hey thanks.

  8. Great uplifting post, as usual..have a nice weekend blogo..

  9. This is nice and motivating.

  10. Good words.. I'm not letting anyone define my who I am or my happiness.Its just too much.
    Would you like to have a banner of WE ARE JOS on your blog?Would be real nice of you.If yes,please visit

  11. I wish I'd continue to meet ppl who have same ideas like you do.. not letting what lies ahead stop you from living in the now.Not letting anyone define your happiness.Nice blog.First time here and on blogsville,spanking back.

  12. @MW: Yes you are!!

    @histreasure: Apreciate that:)

    @Suru: Many thanks.

    @2cute4u: Thank you so much for that.

    @sosexy: Hello first timer :) It's great that you would stop to show some love-nice of you and hope to see you more of you on here,thanks.

    @Juanita: Very much so:)Thank you.

    Much love guys

  13. "Stay confident day in..and day out"

    Word! I like that...
    Have a great, productive week...

  14. @Rose: Glad you like..many thanks. Have yourself a lovely week*

  15. Thank you! You've inspired me

  16. i love your piece man,with hardwork and dedication we shall get there

  17. Just checkin ur blog... i like :)


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