Wednesday, March 10, 2010

When Did The Adventures Stop

Quote of the day:

There was a time when we expected nothing of our children but obedience, as opposed to the present, when we expect everything of them but obedience.
-Anatole Broyard

I watched the flame glow...
I thought it was the most beautiful thing.
"Never put your hands into fire"...Mother's words echoed in my ears.

So the perfect time came.
The fire mesmerized me...with tiny hands i took aim.
I inched closer.
And with just one finger i....

I watched the birds flying...
Some perching on top of leaves effortlessly.
"Never climb those trees"...Father's words echoed in my ears.

So the perfect day came.
The birds were singing my name...
It was like a dream...a little better than ice cream.
I timed it..and with my little frame i climbed..

I watched the weather transform..
Cold winds chasing out the warmth.
"Never go out in the rain"...Mother's words echoed in my ears.

So the perfect moment came.
It rained..water was running down the drains.
With little legs...I ran outside,arms outstretched.
A virtual tango with the rain...

Little legs have grown..
Tiny hands all gone.

I sit here and ask myself...
When did the adventures stop....?

Current Listen: Susan Boyle -I Dreamed A Dream



  1. firssssssst!

    I ask myself this sometimes.... *sigh* --- maybe when the bills came... or life happened, the adventure stopped. But then we have to and must ressurect without adventure, what is the

    I love this piece. Hope you are having a fab week.

  2. During my one-year birthday party, I kept staring at the candle on the cake. My mum told me not to touch it. I did. And I cried.

    I watched the video again a while back. LOL. Disobedience = adventure.

  3. when people forgot that in pursuing your dreams you must you must take time to smell the roses as cliche as it sounds its just that simple

  4. Love it.
    Very pro-ish :)

    I think the adventures stopped when we "grew up" and got smarter in the sense that no one thinks life is a game anymore right?
    Dunno if it makes sense but everyone somewhat knows that this is the real world. Not a place for adventures and really the only place for adventures is the bedroom.

  5. With experience comes wisdom, and so they say it is the best teacher.

    have a nice week.

  6. oh my! this is absolutely divine :)
    we shud do a poetry book together jkd

  7. When the reality of life hit. And even though we know to not let life get the best of us, it's sometimes hard to remember.

  8. ...when we become painfully aware of the responsibility this is life.

  9. Lovely piece... Contemplative without being depressing... I guess we all can relate to that feeling- looking for the spark in life... I guess it comes with maturity. Or is that just an excuse for being too safe and boring? Who knows...

  10. @Remi: First,hehe!
    Life without adventure,what is the point..hmmn! True that.
    Glad you like..thank you!

    @Jaycee: Aww 1yr old need to put it up on youtube,hehe.

    @neefemi: Feel you on that.

    @Moyo: lol@'the only place for adventures is in the bedroom' ...hmmm some folks might beg to differ. I'm just saying..
    Thanks for stopping by*

    @Harry-Rami Itie: Really..

    @MW: Ah i see.. Have a nice one!

    @Formerly stealth reader: Yeah we should,hehe. JK.

    @TM:Yeah i know what you mean. Sigh*

    @Repressed One: Real talk..

    @F:Hey, many thanks. And yeah who knows eh?

    @TheDailey: Far too kind..

    @Rene: Yep. I wonder sometimes too...

  11. I love being disobedient..
    I pay dearly for it..
    I never learn..
    I wont..
    Nice post..
    There's still adventure but there's so much sadness in the world these days to appreciate it.
    please visit
    Thank you

  12. I love being disobedient..
    I pay dearly for it..
    I never learn..
    I wont..
    Nice post..
    There's still adventure but there's so much sadness in the world these days to appreciate it.
    please visit
    Thank you

  13. "When did the adventures stop...?"

    I suspect 'twas when the bills poured in and made us focus our attention on the 9-5...

    I question myself most days...Sigh.

  14. I say they never stopped, they're just different is all. Bills or food? How far can I go with the gas tank on E? Do I really need to get the doctor to check this out? Those are adventures.

  15. The adventure never stops, we grow out of it sometimes.

    Blogoratti : )

  16. Blogo, i loved this..really, i guess we get burned, scrape or break our legs and catch a cold, we realise that not all things that look and feel fantastic bring us the expected satisfaction, infact they could have the opposite effect from what we expect..

    nevertheless, stopping to smell the roses in the fields of life refreshes us..

    have a gr8 week

  17. The adventures stopped when we became a conscious part of the loop. *that's that i think.
    ...Liking this...:)).

  18. I feel you on all of this. I ask myself everyday when did the adventure stop? It cannot stop. It must not stop. The dance must go on forever!


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