Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Poem: Book of Perfection

Quote of the day:

In the middle of the silence in a writer's house lies an invalid: the book being worked on.
-Richard Eder

This book will
start end someday.
Someday the puzzle will be complete.

My great adventure book.
Plenty empty pages still.

I need growth like a
I long for sunshine.

I want to be the best i can be.
Sometimes my imperfections shines brighter than the sun.

But even the sun sets at some point.
lieslight darkness prevails.

I need directions.
But i am unwilling to

painglint in your eyes.
shall be my guide-forever.

P.S My birthday is four days away....looking forward to that!!

Hope you guys are doing just fine!
Enjoy the rest of the week...peace n love.

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  1. An adventure book? Hmmm...oh goodies!!! I like. Your poems always leave me thinking..:)

    And I'm 1st...muhaha.

  2. Jaycee: Lol...hey glad you like. Much love!

  3. I really like your poems too.

    Meanwhile, remind us again before your birthday. :)

    Happy Birthday in advance.

  4. Happy Birthday in Advance...will come back to wish you a good one then...have fun

  5. hapi in advance. ur poems r always a delite.

  6. aww
    love the poem
    as usual
    but if you stuck in a rut
    asking for help is always ok

    would wish u a happy bday via twitter
    its on sunday right?

  7. @NakedSha: Why thank you very much :)And err will do...

    @neefemi: Hey you-thanks for that.

    @Fragilelooks: Appreciate that, good of you to stop by*

  8. You can start filling the empty pages...

    Nice and happy blessed birthday...

  9. nice one again.
    Happy Birthday in advance
    in case i am not online

  10. This is an interesting piece, I like the flow too.

    Happy Birthday in advance, see you on Sunday.

  11. Your Birthday is Sunday?
    Happy blessed day to you.
    May you have so much to be thankful for;
    And may you never stop smiling,
    May you continue to get better at writing.
    I Love your post, your blog and your peculiar way of writing.

  12. @lani: Gracias.

    @Tisha: Ooh thanks!

    @MW: Hello..thank you so much for that.

    @2cute4u: Aw that's so lovely. Appreciate your comment.

  13. @The Girl with the Red Hair: Thank you so much!


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