Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Never Forget How Unique You Are

Quote of the day:

As we grow as unique persons, we learn to respect the uniqueness of others.
-Robert H. Schuller

You and I...we are certainly unique.

And it is true.. that as we grow, we most certainly learn to respect the uniqueness of others.

Respect...a word missing in most people's dictionary.
People who see others not like them as 'not cool', or even a fool. They forget to respect the uniqueness of others as they grow in their own little world.

So some people actually leave their uniqueness behind...change to someone else-just to be considered cool and not a fool. They forget to stay true to their uniqueness...that which makes them stand out in the first place..that which makes them different...distinctive...and exceptional.

You lose your lose everything; and then what do you have left?
So what if you are not tall or look like a model from a what if you talk funny,eat, laugh or walk funny...or even dress funny-that's just the way you are-your uniqueness.

So what if you don't like music...
Or the outdoors...
Or even pets?

Understand that people can make you feel bad-only when you allow them to.
And people can and will take a lot of things from you...
They will take your time...some will take your trust...others will try to take away your uniqueness.

But remember...never give up that which makes you who you are..your uniqueness!

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  1. Blogoratti! This is so true. I think there's beauty in different and variety but trying to live off someone else's ideals will always be a problem.


  2. I've learned how to respect peoples' uniqueness, why else did God make us so intuitively different? I like this post.

    BTW: Uniqueness is not related to the "lack of a well-mannered character." That's just distasteful.

  3. "Understand that people can make you feel bad-ONLY when you allow them to." GBAM!!!! thats it in a nutshell

  4. Ah neefemi, I can't add to your words! So on-point!

  5. Another spot on post, being unique is being your own person. I like!

  6. what if your uniqueness is having no zest for life?

  7. This is truly thought provoking.Like, read and think.

  8. so true... we are all unique! Imagine a world where everyone is the same, in looks and character? Bet we would be like robots and it would be so boring. But hey, God is exciting, so he created us with all sorts of traits and quirkiness... I have come to learn and appreciate other people's uniquness, even my own (pretty hard for most people to accept their uniqueness at some point or other, as we go through phases of wanting to be like someone else! lol

    So true.! How are ya?

  9. I believe that variety is the spice of life. Well written Blogo..

  10. life is beautiful just because of me and you, and that includes appreciating and tolerating...

  11. NakedSha: I quite agree

    @Jaycee: Yes...uniqueness is way more than that,and it's good to know you respect people for who they are.
    Thank you.

    @neefemi: Hehe...true that!

    @Harry-Rami Itie: Good lookin' out bro.

    @NakedSha: Many thanks!

    @Juanita: Yes uniqueness all the way!

    @akaBagucci: Hello, thanks for dropping by.

    @TM: Well that in itself is the uniqueness...

    @2cute4u: Glad you like..thank you.

    @Tatababe: Much love.

    @Remi: You are so on point with that...but all in all as we go through with life, we learn to accept others just the way they are-that in itself is unique.
    I am doing great Remi...been a while eh-hope life is great with you!!

    @MW: Hello...yes it is isn't it!

    @flygirlbidiish: I couldnt agree more...very well said. Thanks for being here.

  12. Lovely...simply lovely

    I can Identify with this

  13. @Nutty J.: Why thank you...appreciate that!!

  14. i am unique
    and i dont compromise my self for others never
    people should like you for who you are or not at all

  15. Have loved to appreciate the uniqueness of people and i love the diversity in us humans

  16. If there was a planet that encouraged uniqueness, I'd be on the next plane/time machine there!

    I'd be a total hypocrite if I said I accepted (or even respected) everyone's uniqueness. I think that it's a conscious decision to appreciate that everyone is unique and not cherry-pick the "uniqueness" we respect.

    "Understand that people can make you feel bad - only when you allow them to", rings so true but so hard in practice

    Love the way you write btw

    Have a brill day ^_^

  17. This is an eternal truth, yet its so hard to achieve.

  18. wow, this is definately something that caught my attention! nice!

  19. this is so true.
    we sometimes feel "less than" just because someone else makes us feel that way.. and that is totally unacceptable.
    We are all unique and trying to be someone else makes us fake.
    GREAT piece again from you man.

  20. Hate to think that I almost missed this.
    Great post

  21. @everyone: Appreciate your comments.
    Much Love!!

  22. yes ooo ,its only when u allow them ,nice one


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