Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Poem: Window Seat

Quote of the day:

There are two mistakes one can make along the road to truth...not going all the way, and not starting.

Where do we start...and where do we go from here.
Who do we run to...when we have no one near.

When is it right to be wrong...and when is it wrong to be right.
When do we run for our lives...what time do we stand up and fight.

When do we go...and when do we stay.
Traffic lights...greens and reds all day.

When do we let bygones be bygones...when do we erase the memories.
When do we sing...and when do we start playing the sweet melodies.

When does life start...when does a puzzle come with a clue.
When does practice make perfect...when do dreams come true.

When does this poem end...


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  1. It all starts when we take the first step;; everything in life starts with just the first step..

  2. When does the pain end
    Why does this peom have to end.

    Love this...

  3. @Tricia: I know right!

    @Lara: Thanks :)

  4. When does pain end
    When does the pleasure start

    What will I do If it doesnt end
    Will I just settle then for pleasurable pain

    I like your poems

  5. love the quote as per always and nice poem...have a great rest of the week

  6. @NakedSha: Why thank you miss.

    @Nutty J: Thank you...far too kind :)

    @neefemi: Nice seeing you on here nee..thank you and have a nice week!

  7. Sometimes the answers lie inbetween the beginning and the end. I like the quote.

    It's never right to be wrong.

  8. This is beautiful. I actually let out a *gasp!*

  9. Beautiful poem! I'd say throw out the Time element i.e when and understand why!

    I love the last line.
    Lovely way to end it!


  10. Sometimes it's right to be wrong and vice versa. Who's to decide what's right and what's wrong?

  11. erm... again I ask, how do u do it?

  12. @Jaycee: Hello..thanks for that.

    @Rene: I know right..

    @Pea: Gasp* :)

    @bob-ij: Hi dimps*! Okay that's duly noted,wink*

    @48: Yeah who's to decide...i wonder.

    @lani: Hehe...how you doing bro.

    Much Luv guys!


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