Tuesday, May 25, 2010

If You Don't Know Me By Now

Quote of the day:

“I laugh, I love, I hope, I try, I hurt, I need, I fear, I cry. And I know you do the same things too, So we're really not that different, me and you.”
-Colin Raye

If I could.
Change just one thing.

If I could.
Retrace my steps.

If I could.
Run backwards in time.

But you see I can't...

But I can.
Eventually change everything.

But I can.
Always keep moving.

But I can.
Race into the future.


Current Listen: Seal- If You Don't Know Me By Now



  1. we truly aren't different.....love the quote

    But i will. Eventually change everything. - Neefemi's remix, lol :)

  2. hey
    yeah neefemi
    like the quote
    congrats on being nominated

  3. Love the quote. We can always kepp moving and hope for a better tomorrow

  4. @neefemi: Ah gotta love that remix,wink*

    @Tisha: Been so long miss,how are ya? Thank you so much!

    @The Girl with the Red Hair: Very well said,yep! Nice of you to drop by

    @Harry-Rami Itie: True indeed...many thanks!

  5. i truly am racing into the future..oh, the future excites me!

    how u doing?

    and oh, i heart that quote, like always

  6. Hmmmm Nice.. Congrats on your nomination..

  7. Congrats on your nomination, I love this one, the future is sure gonna be bright.

  8. @NakedSha: Hey thanks!

    @histreasure: Yes it sure is exciting. I am doing great, thank you! Nice seeing you on here.

    @sosexy: Why thank you!

  9. @MW: Hey thank you so much, and congratulations too!

  10. First of,
    Congrats on the Nominations..
    Love reading as usual..
    Take care

  11. so refreshing. I missed your blog : )

  12. Lovely quote, does well to summarize our humanity.

    True, one may not be capable of changing the past, but the future is a blank sheet waiting to be written on..

  13. Absolutely in love with that quote. I love the poem too... Someone said, the more we live in the past, we rob our future of possibilities...

    Great words bro :)

    - LDP

  14. I always wish i could retrace my steps, since i can't do that i kind of take slow steps into the future instead of racing.

  15. Congrats on the nomination...love the post as always :-)

  16. "If I could...But you see I can't...But I can Always keep moving..."

    Truest words i've heard today...

    I like alot..Congrats on your nomination.

  17. Love the quote. Congrats on the nomination. It's well deserved.

  18. @2cute4u : Thank you miss...appreciate that.

    @BSNC: Missed yours more,wink*

    @muyiwa: Good looking out!

    @raindropsonarose: Couldn't agree with you more...many thanks!

    @LE DYNAMIQUE PROFESSEUR: Hey good words bro,and nice seeing you on here. Cheers!

    @Lara: Very well said.hoe are you?

    @My world: Hey, appreciate your stopping by*

    @aeedeeaee: Glad you like,wink*

    @Sexkitten: Aww thank you so much.

  19. Hmmm that's a really cool concept... Eventually everything really will change! You're a genius.. and definitely from Mars!

  20. @bob-ij: Come here,wink* How are you dimples...Mars all the way!

  21. Love the quote and just shared it with a friend.

  22. @Elastic: Hey thanks. Nice of you to drop by*

  23. Hmmm..i like. Simple straight to the fine point!
    Hope Hope Hope...its for how we get up each new morning.
    N yup, congrats on the emmys!

  24. @T.Notes:lol@emmys...Hope all the way yea,no doubt! Cheers!


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