Friday, June 11, 2010

Dreaming Out Loud

Quote of the day:

It is better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.
-Gerard Patrick Roeling

People always say 'wrong place at the wrong time'....

A brilliant narration to sway my thoughts and imprison my innermost fears and tribulations...

I need a few moments.

To analyze things just the way they appear.
I tried to sleep...

But my eyes would not let me.

The violins kept playing inside....inside my head.

The harmony envelops as it develops...
I pretend not to sense the underlying notes...or tones?

I am sober.
Yet my pupils dilate and grow larger.

I am high and then low...
Fighting a war in a motion so slow.

Current Listen:- One Republic- All The Right Moves



  1. Agree with the quote... as for the rest, way too deep for me right now, hopefully you find peace and cr

  2. I'm not sure I agree with that quote. It needs to be taken with a grain of salt or only in the right context, otherwise it could be easily misconstrued as encouraging greed

  3. the kind of poetry that i connect with, especially the here-and-there nature of ur thoughts....

    and like miss fab said, that quote, i do not really agree with...

  4. Great quote..
    You really need to relax, okay? Take care and Good night

  5. @neefemi: Thanks a lot nee,and how are you? See you around..

    @miss.fab: Okay, that's noted*

    @NakedSha: Thanks for the comment.

    @2cute4u: Will do miss, thank you for that. Great weekend*

  6. Yes, the quote is controversial but does hold a truth in itself. I believe it is more appropriately applicable if you are going through something related to it.(which just guessing, you are?)

    BTW; this is totally random but are you by any chance watching the Nigeria vs Argentina game right about now?(:

  7. The latter part of the quote, so true, the first part, not so much. Well written poem.

  8. @Ali.geezy: Very well said Ali yea...and err just finished watching the game :(

    @MW: Thank you, appreciate your stopping by.

  9. Don't know what the fuss is about the quote. Perhaps kinda disjointed in an 'organised chaos' sort of way. Relief always comes after letting go.

  10. I'm kinda not copying that quote :(

    your post however,z as always YOU! loves it...

  11. @Naijalines: I know right...thanks

    @My world: Thank you..far too kind*

  12. Me is like it! lol
    I think I agree with the quote. You've got to have it when you need it o.

    - LDP

  13. @b'ratti


    "The violins kept playing inside....inside my head."

    lol, yeah music lifts the soul, tis as much as i understand; but nice play on words

  14. i love it when you go deep like this...thought-provoking!

    and i love the quote cos mehn, it's far better to have it thean to need it and not have!!

  15. @LE DYNAMIQUE PROFESSEUR:Why, thank you for that.

    @Tisha: Hey glad you approve :)

    @Harry-Rami Itie: Hehe...thanks bro.

    @histreasure: Aw appreciate that, many thanks.

  16. i love that quote man,means a lot


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