Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Rise And Fall

Quote of the day:
Thought is free
-William Shakespeare

In the middle of
the night,
And with half of the
World in slumber,
Out of nothingness,
My thoughts...arose.

Without prompting,
It took hold of me,
A battle without end,
I trashed about,
On the bed, pillows
and sheets wrinkled.

And just as i opened my eyes...
My thoughts took flight...
Fading away into the dark night.


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  1. They may have taken flight.. But they spawned these words.... Nicely done...

  2. hmmmmmm.....t'is like that sometimes. Thoughts the insistant presistant invader.

    Be a great day.

  3. The middle of the night is my best time of the day, only I am always too lazy most-times to get things done.

  4. @TheRustGeek: Hey,appreciate that.

    @Rhapsody B: True that...many thanks!

    @'Lara: I know that feeling,hehe. Nice seeing you on here. Cheers!

  5. Thats when I get the best out of myself, sincerely. lol

    - LDP

  6. Blessings....
    Came by for two reasons. To say thank you for stopping by and sharing your time with me and also to check in and see how you doing.

    Did I ever tell you that i enjoy your header photograph?

    Have a splendid weekend.

  7. @ LE DYNAMIQUE PROFESSEUR: Sincerely eh...lol. I see, thanks bro!

    @ Rhapsody B: Oh you are most welcome, and i'm doing very much okay at the moment, hope you are too.

    And you as per my header photo, i liked fell in love with it the very first time i saw it too, hehe- glad you like.

    Great weekend, and much love!

  8. I like your use of words and I'm inspired to start writing poems, maybe coming here often would help me out, I guess -:) Thanks for sharing.

  9. @ Segun Akiode: Nice of you to drop by, feel free to do so more often -appreciate that. Cheers!


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