Thursday, September 22, 2011

Please Yourself

Quote of the day:
Do what you feel in your heart to be right. You'll be criticized anyway
-Eleanor Roosevelt

I feel the scrutiny from those closest to me the most.
And i listen.
...Only when and if i have to.
I sit, hands enclosed and thoughts exposed.

People talk.
They say things when you are not there to defend yourself.
Even people you barely know -but somehow know who you are...will always have something to say or talk about.

How do you react to that? How would you deal with it...

What do you do when life gets too complicated -when pleasing everyone is not an option.
When your business -becomes 'everybody's business'....

I can get used to defending myself...but sometimes i just feel like it's not worth the time.
Not worth the effort. We live...and learn.

Don't try to please everyone...don't be a 'people-pleaser'.
Because people's expectations of you will always be different.

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  1. Well said sir! You say it better than I.

  2. Very true. We can't please people all the time.

  3. Very true...

    As we grow older, i think we begin to realize and learn, that "you have to do you"...

    Everyone else can go and like to hug a transformer stat:)


  4. true talk.
    You waste your time trying to please people.

  5. Very true!

    Have a great rest of the week Blogo!

  6. @ Adura Ojo (Naijalines): Why thank you m'am. Nice of you to drop by..

    @ stelzz: I know right...cheers!

    @ Anon: Hehe...true that -Just do you.

    @'Lara: No doubt about that,good seeing you on here.

    @Myne Whitman: Hello M.W, and many thanks as always!

  7. where is the thumbs up button?
    True talk!

  8. Re: I feel the scrutiny from those closest to me the most. And i listen... ALWAYS, BUT THAT DOESNT MEAN I'LL DANCE TO THEIR TUNE!

    I do not spend unnecessary time and energy defending myself because there's so much more to achieve with that time.

  9. @ NikkiSho: Haha...yeah no doubt*

    @ P.E.T. Projects: Yeah you right about need wasting time on that.

  10. True ...we can't please every one

  11. This so true! I gave that up long time ago. I'm a take me as I am kinda girl now. I offer no apologies, I cannot change/pretend!

    Very well said!


  12. @ dayor: I know right!

    @ bob-ij: Nice seeing you on here...many thanks!


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