Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Emotions of Reason

Quote of the day: 

Anger is never without Reason, but seldom with a good One.
-Benjamin Franklin

Everything happens for a reason.
A very important life lesson no doubt.

But it's not what happens to you that really matters...
It's how you react to it. Emotions control your thinking.

How often have we allowed emotions get the better of us...thereby preventing us from being rational with our actions. The truth is we take our emotions with us everywhere we go, it's a part of us- It'll always be.

The best thing we can do is to try to understand ourselves better and not try to avoid our emotions. We can't keep avoiding feelings of anger, resentment, love, pain, and so on. And we can't keep pretending something doesn't matter to us when it's really eating us up on the inside.

So today, acknowledge all your emotions -both good and bad. Make peace with them, embrace them if you have to, and let go of those you feel aren't moving you forward.

For example some of your emotions could be the cause of you having troubled personal relationships with family and friends all the time. You don't need that, so let it go.

Become the person you once were, that happy person people used to love.
It's okay to be emotional, but try not to let negative emotions ruin your way of life and those of others around you.

Enjoy the rest of your week.
Peace & Love* 
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  1. hmmmmmm.....To a degree yes if it’s the day to day grind, living/struggle, maneuvering, honing people skills, one’s own skills while learning about self, to deal, to be.

    However some things are more complex, the impact so cellular that influences the body, the spirit and the mind swiftly and simultaneously and there isn't enough time to analyze, compartmentalize or rationalize because the trauma goes beyond the recognizable and is layered beneath, between and underneath the subconscious.

    Much love....
    Keep on keeping on....
    Peace. Rhapsody

  2. wow spoken so well, luv all the quotes this has really helped me more than you'll know so thank u :)check out my blog sometime

  3. Wow! Just discovered your blog, really deep and inspirational post, will be going through your previous ones.

  4. @ Think-About-It: Why thank you :)

    @ 'Lara: Many thanks miss.

    @ Prism of an immigrant: Thank you for taking time to read and comment.

    @Rhapsody B.:I had to re-read that again :)

    @MELISSA: I'm glad that you have been inspired, many thanks and I'll be sure to check your place soon.

    @ Morayo: Welcome Morayo, feel free to visit anytime :)

  5. Very well said... we'll always have emotions, whether we allow them ruin/mislead us or not may be the decider on how far we'll grow, how well our relationships will be and ultimately, how happy we will be.

  6. I love B. Franklin's quote and indeed it is true.

  7. @P.E.T. Projects: Very well said indeed!

    @depuy hip recall lawsuit: Many thanks!!

  8. Going through your quotes and analysis, I really love the take on each...well thoughtful!


  9. Nice, i love it. Kinds sad though that knowing what to do and even how to do it doesn't always make us do it. May the Lord be our strength!

    Lol, I had to read Rhapsody's comment twice too and very slowly the second time

  10. @ J'Adore Fashion: Appreciate that, and hey thank you for stopping by.

    @ dosh: Yes may he always be our strength!
    Lol@ having to read Rhapsody's commment twice too :)


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