Monday, March 12, 2012

Silence of Answers

Quote of the day: 

Your mind will answer most questions if you learn to relax and wait for the answer.
-William Burroughs

The answers are right there. If you'll only stop for a moment to relax.
Life is short, yes. But don't make it any shorter by always being on the edge all time.

You seek answers but you are the answer. That which you seek resides within the eternal source which resides deep inside of you.

All the chaos around the world has deprived you of your solitude, your silence. And your thoughts too? Sit idle for a minute and listen, let your thoughts be static not erratic.

Focus on that one thing that you seek answers to.
It might have just been there all along, lost in all the clutter of everyday life.

Have a great week folks!

Peace, Love.

Current Listen -Ray Charles: Georgia On My Mind


  1. wonderful message...thank you for this. Have a lovely week too.

  2. Thanks for sharing, Blogo, and have a great week too.

  3. @ 'Lara: Why thank you so much for that, enjoy your week. Cheers!

    @MW: Thank you M.W. Lovely week :)

  4. Solitude is the best of the best, we need to take time out and reflect with our creator what the answer is, what the next step is.

  5. Lovely quote...lovely message...Thank you.

  6. Georgia on my mind, I love that song. You're so right, most times we need to throw out all that noise and meditate in silence.

  7. @Funmi : True words!

    @JustDoyin: Thank you lovely!

    @Jennifer Abayowa: Thank you so much for dropping by J.A.

    Much love guys*

  8. Truth!
    [Georgia on my mind = Tight track]

  9. This is so true. People nowadays are too focused outside that they even forgot to see the things near her or even respond to what her body is telling.

    asr hip recall

  10. The message is so true...Bless u sis!

  11. I'm learning everyday to be still, quiet and listen more.. We drown ourselves in the clutter of everyday, its overwhelming.

    Message on point.

  12. @Akibo tommie: I know that feeling, it can be overwhelming at times.


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