Friday, June 29, 2012

The Weekend

Quote of the day: 
Another Sunrise, Another New Beginning
~Jonathan Lockwood Huie 

Hello folks.

How has the month of June been for you, hope you are moving on the right path to your goals and dreams too.

Wish you a great weekend ahead!!

*Do something new.
*Embrace the good things of life.
*Smile, and be happy always.

Peace & Love always! 

Current Listen: Norah Jones -Come Away With Me


  1. The month of June have been so good to me. I believe it is the same for most Nigerians.

  2. @ Nigeria News: Great to hear that and thanks for stopping by. Cheers!

  3. awww....Norah Jones..its been a while i've listened to her. had her whole album one time like that and i liked Come away with me.
    there was one that had the lyrics.."i don't know why i didn't come.'' not sure if it's the same song with the come away with me but her song has some sort of calming effect
    thank God for June and the other months that have come and gone and the ones we're about to see by God's grace.
    have a lovely weekend

  4. Blessings.....
    *Doing something new (started making my own earrings)
    *always find the blesseings...
    *laughter is a natural part of my being.

    stay blessed and much success throughout.


  5. I am a smile ambassador, I can teach anyone who doesnt know how or why they need to!

  6. @Sugarspring:
    Yes!! It's the same song :)

    Thanks everyone, much appreciated!


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