Thursday, June 28, 2012

I Don't Know

Quote of the day: 
Don't look back on happiness or dream of it in the future. You are only sure of today, dont let yourself be cheated out of it.
-H. Beecher

I don't know
What It is that I am waiting for.

I don't know
If It would come through a swinging door.

I don't know
What to dream of any more.

I don't know
What moves to make on this dance floor.

I don't know
If I can still be able to explore.

I don't know
If I am a part of life or just a spectator.

Enjoy the rest of your week folks! 

Current Listen: Mi Casa -These Streets


  1. :) haven't been here in a while


  2. Hello, thanks for dropping by and glad you like :)

  3. The quote is always I leave this blog with a smile

  4. We all have a part to play. Have a good one, you too.

  5. @ 'Lara : Many thanks miss.

    @MW: Hello, thank you for that.


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