Sunday, May 17, 2015

Plans For The Week (7)

Quote of the day:
Be the one who nurtures and builds. Be the one who has an understanding and a forgiving heart one who looks for the best in people. Leave people better than you found them.
-Marvin J. Ashton

A new week yet again, and my plans for last week went really great, except I had little time to pick out a book, hopefully this week I will as I plan to achieve the following.

1. Read a book.
2. Motivate myself always.
3. Focus on my goals and not procrastinate.
4. Continue work on a project.
5. Experiment with new ideas and thoughts.
6. Start work on a short story.
7. Treat myself.
8. Be a better manager of time.
9. Keep dreaming big.

Those are my most important goals for the week, have you made yours yet?
Here's wishing you a productive week ahead!

Peace & love always*

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  1. Not procrastinating can be a big one, but sometimes procrastinating is fun.

  2. @Pat Hatt: Big one no doubt, and fun has its limits as it wears off after a while. Nice thoughts and thanks!

  3. This plans seem very good but difficult to practice..reading of books can be hard especially when you have lots of work to do

  4. @glowy shoe: Practice makes perfect no doubt. I always find it easier to create time out of busy schedules to find a book to read-it can be hard though. Thanks for your thoughts!

  5. 1, 3, and 5 are def on my list. :)
    Thanks for sharing the Ashton quote. Great lines to live by.

    Have a wonderful week ahead.


  6. nice plans //

  7. @ BlazyFashion: Glad to see you have similar ideas, its good and nice to have you visit. All the best in the new week!

    @vnssachn: Hello and thanks for stopping by!

  8. Good luck with your project. Look forward to reading your short story. Have a fabulous week!

  9. Blogoratti tell us about the book you have been reading. Great plans though.

  10. Would be looking forward to your short story :-)

  11. Nice goals for the week. Time always flies by so quickly, it's hard to manage! Valerie

  12. Good goals again. (For the not procrastinating one, it might be a good idea to keep track of everything you get done in a day. That way, it focuses you so you're not easily distracted.)

  13. I especially like that you included number 7 - so important, too!


  14. I also need start reading a book!!

  15. These plans seem very good!

  16. This is going to be a heavy work week with lots of meeting and little creative time so I need to make sure I treat myself which will probably include sailing on Saturday (I also sailed this afternoon).

  17. @Cyclone: Thank you, hopefully I will get started soon so I can share it, thanks for visiting!

    @Gloria Okaimam: Hello, this past week I didn't get to read a book, so hopefully I will this week. Thank you and nice seeing you on here!

    @Amrit Sinha: I would gladly like to share it once its completed. Thanks for coming around!

    @Valerie-Jael: Time is indeed everything. Thank you for visiting!

    @Misha Gericke: Keeping track of daily tasks is a good idea which I often make use of, thanks for sharing that!

    @Kati: Truly important, I agree. Have a great week!

    @Rafaela S.: You too eh? Well hopefully we will both pick a suitable book to read for the week. Nice seeing you!

    @Оксана Золотухина: Yes they very good indeed, but will be even better if accomplished. Many thanks!

    @Sage: Sailing sounds really fun, hope you do just that after your week runs out. Thank you for stopping by!#

  18. I have decided to take one small area of my house each night to organize it... be it a closet, draw or shelf... that way it won't be overwhelming ;-)

  19. The worst thing to do... is to do nothing. _m

  20. I love your plans. Pls can I copy you? lol.

    Quite inspirational.

  21. Loving the list, makes me want to mooch off some of them.

    They say goals are reached when you break it down to actionable points... Maybe we should try that?

  22. That's a great quote right there. I love it. Good luck with executing your plans :)

    Molola's Blog

  23. I find that mapping out plans never work for me. I've been too spontaneous for so long that I don't want to be anything else. I did try but I felt weighed down and the shivers of panic set in when I didn't do all I had written down.
    I read a few pages of a book on the bus/train, I practice my language skills once a day, I practice perfecting a skill I'm working on, I draft posts for my blog... Simple things on my daily-to do- list but I get them done spontaneously.
    My current book is things fall apart by chinwe Achebe and its the best book I've ever read! I got Ghana must go by taye s but I don't dig the writing at all and not feeling the story.
    Enjoy the week

  24. No 3 & 6!!! Have a great week. :)

  25. Leave people better than you found them... I like that. I also like to be surrounded by people who are smarter than me and who have more experience.

    Dream big.

  26. Not Procrastinate!!! I need that to sink in for me. I have been putting off something for a while now. I need to do it really soon. Uhhh Lord help me.

  27. Not procrastinating and managing my time are things I try to do every week - it doesn't always work, but it's good to try!

    Treating yourself and dreaming big are brilliant. Have a nice week.

  28. almost all this things are on my goals for the week.x

  29. #7 is a good one. Sometimes just rewarding yourself helps stave off that procrastination. As they say on Parks and Rec... "Treat yo'self!"

  30. This is a beautiful quote. I should try to do that more again, thanks for the reminder.
    I also need to start reading again, I have neglected my books for too long. :)

  31. Good luck with your goals!!!

    I am also hoping to read a book this week *giggles* we'll see where I get time for that one... usually reading (at night) ends up initiating a snooze 2 minutes into reading. :o)

    All the Cute
    Recent Post: Floral Shorts

  32. I'll just copy and paste your plan and automatically be better at managing my time. Thanks.

  33. I always have trouble with procrastination. Currently, I am blog hopping instead of bill paying! :)
    Katie @TheCyborgMom

  34. Realmente devemos praticar o bem e viver a vida cada dia com amor, humildade e sinceridade, postagem maravilhosa amei, uma semana abençoada para você.

  35. @Launna: That's smart thinking, and I like the way it sounds. All the best as you accomplish each task!

    @Magyar: That pretty much sums everything up. Thanks!

    @Nwamaka Ajaegbu: Feel free to copy, but I must warn you that I charge a tiny percentage for each task you are able to accomplish. Deal? Enjoy your week!

    @CookieCrumbs Inc.: Actionable points are actually good as they give more meaning to one's list. Yes I agree we should all give it a try. I tend to do that with medium to long term goals. Thanks for visiting!

    @ Tomi 'Molola: Many thanks for that, nice week!

    @J Ausserehl: I can understand where you are coming from,writing down lists is certainly not for everyone. Some people will find spontaneity the best option-just like yourself. Things Fall Apart is a classic. Thanks for sharing, and best wishes!

    @ Nikkisho: Yes, thanks for blessing me with those numbers. Nice week ahead!

    @ Blue Grumpster: Smart people with experience are not all that trust me...I am speaking for them. But good to know you wish to surround yourself with us, I kid, I kid. Thanks for stopping by!

    @Erniesha Tibs: Go and procrastinate no more...all the best!

    @Annalisa Crawford: I am impressed you try to do those two things weekly, mighty hard to do no doubt. Thank you and have a nice week!

    @DESOLA MAKO: Copy cat you are. Best wishes as you run around accomplishing your goals!

    @A Beer For The Shower: It sure does help indeed...great thanks for stopping by as always!

    @ Ina R.: I'm glad you've been reminded to read, its a beautiful thing to do. Thank you for coming by!

    @Amber Shannon: Hello, and your snooze inducing way of reading reminds me of someone I know. Oh well, at least its better than nothing, many thanks and take care!

    @cleemckenzie: I'm not sure that is even legal, but I'll let it slide... just because. Nice of you to visit!

    @ TheCyborgMom: I am blog hopping too, so partners in crime we are. Best wishes!

    @Nequéren Reis; Thank you for visiting!

  36. Another set of great goals!

    Mine include spending time in the garden, which is soul soothing, reading every day, taking photos of this, that and the other, and taking evening walks with my husband. All simple things. But things that bring joy.

  37. I don't have a list :( The few things that I have to do are still pending. A happy week to you too!

  38. ...and what happened to working out huh?

  39. lol, nice one, not procastinating is good, hint us on ur project ooo

  40. Great post. Not everyone want to be the better person, no matter how hard you try to help them

  41. starting the week with flu,
    i inhaled one harmful chemical its really affecting me.
    definitely it wont stop me from blogging and reading this week.

  42. Plans for the week; respond to every comment like Bloggorati.

    Nah, maybe next week. Or the week after. I really wish I could but there's something seriously wrong with me. Once I post something I get squirmish, going back to read it is hard. Reading the comments under it is even more difficult. I really need to do something about this.

  43. What a lovely blog! I am glad that I found you trough other blog. You doing great job and I am sure that you could motivate and inspire many other bloggers via your posts.

  44. Great post. I always keep myself motivated and we are always working on projects...LOL Dreaming is good for the soul.

  45. Oh I do love this quote very much :D I believe that if you possess the right attitude then you can always manage to bring out the best in others :D

    Hope you are doing well, thanks for stopping by :D
    Did you like the interview at PU?

  46. I love that quote, thanks for the reminder. Hope your week is going great?

  47. @ Plowing Through Life (Martha): Why thank you for your kind words. And what brilliant goals you have, sometimes its the little things that really matter in the end, glad to see you are happy. Keep smiling always!

    @Aathira: Pending stuff? Hopefully you'll get around to completing them. All the best with that, and thank you!

    @Patience Nwabueze: Darn, I thought no one would notice that I omitted working out. Very discerning mind you have, well done. Taking a week free workout break, that is all. Thank you for visiting!

    @ayanbajo ajibike: Greetings and its good to have you here. Oh its a business project, hope that hint is good enough, if not I might have to email you personally, hehe. Many thanks!

    @E - Rella: Its true and I agree. Nice of you to visit!

    @bolatito fashina: Oh that doesn't sound good, wish you the quickest of recoveries. Have a great week. Hugs*

    @ Thelma Thinks...: Hello, well just give it a small try, and once you start replying to comments I'm sure you'll get the hang of it. Best wishes!

    @Liuba: Hello and how nice to have you visit for the first time. Thank you for your kind words, and hope to see you soon!

    @Linda @ Life and Linda: Sounds like you've got the right balance there, very nice. Many thanks!

    @Sanaa Rizvi: I agree about having the right attitude. The PU interview was very great and I enjoyed it very much. I'm doing very much okay, hope you are too. Thanks for visiting!

    @Titis Passion: Hello lovely, thanks for stopping by again. My week's running smoothly, hope yours is too. Have a nice one!

  48. Do you read a book every week? #Thinkingoutloud

  49. @Paola Lauretano: Why thanks you lovely, best wishes!

    @Oyinlola Sobowale: Not every time, but at least twice a month. Thank you for stopping by!

  50. ( I'm sorry for my bad english, I'm french )

    I have method to not procrastinate : If you repeat to yoursel " Why this is important for me to ...... " and when your make it, I can't procrastinate again.

  51. LOVE LOVE this quote! I consider this a note to self.

    I'll definitely apply this to my life. I will admit to having trouble forgiving people . I'm trying to be better!

  52. Sounds like an excellent week! I should procrastinate less as well...


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