Thursday, May 14, 2015

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Photography: Black and White #1

Quote of the day: 
We see the world, not as it is, but as we are-or, as we are conditioned to see it.
-Stephen R. Covey

 There is something about black and white photography that gets me every time. Here are some random photos I took recently, do enjoy!

Trees, and a plane in the sky

Christopher Wren riverside masterpiece in London.

Early sunrise peeking through the clouds.

Light and shadows reflecting through

Enjoy the rest of the week!

Peace. Love. Light*

Current Listen: Coldplay -A Sky Full of Stars


  1. @Falasha C: Hello lovely, nice of you to drop by!

  2. Sucker for B&Ws myself. Love the photo of the Wren masterpiece (though, pardon the ignorance, I don't know who that is)... the light and shadows are just perfect.

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  4. Great black and whites, but the sunrise is my favorite of these.

  5. Absolutely stunning B. sometimes a photo just calls for B&W...and those are stunning, bravo!

  6. me again, still love this L is for Lorraine, thought it be easier knowing that ;)

  7. I wonder what it is about black and whites that are so captivating? Yours are beautiful.

  8. Amazing photos, love them n ditto at black and white images.

  9. @CookieCrumbs Inc.: That's alright I was clueless as well in the beginning, thanks a lot for visiting!

    @Immanuel Mavin Kish: Many thanks!

    @Linda Kay: One of mine too, appreciate your comment thank you!

    @Out of Sight L: Loraine it is then, got it -thanks for pointing that out...phew! I'm glad you like the photos!

    @Elizabeth Seckman: I wonder as well, it might be down to the loss of colour, thanks for finding the photos captivating!

  10. Such beautiful and captivating photos.. by the way are you a professional photographer cos you kind of bring out the extra ordinary to even mundane things..

  11. Love Stephen Covey. I've read at least one of his books for Business Management Class in College.

    Love the pics. The second one i like the most. I'm a fan of architecture and that one stood out.

  12. amazing photo interesting

  13. amazing photo interesting

  14. Black & white photography brings out a whole other element or feeling. It's raw & moody. Great shots. :]

    // ▲ ▲

  15. Ain't that the truth. We see the world as we are conditioned to see it. That's why there will never be peace on this earth. Do you know what I mean?

  16. True! You just can't go wrong
    with black and white photography!

    Very Beautiful Photos you've got!
    Love 'em. :)


  17. These are really lovely shots. There is a certain appeal to black and white.

  18. Ooooh, these are beautiful! I love black and white photos too, there's such an elegance about them...

  19. Its true.. sometimes we fail to see what the world truly is.. its reality!

    I love black and white pictures too :D
    There is an eye catching quality to it.. its like magic :D

    Hope you are well and having fun :)

  20. Its true.. sometimes we fail to see what the world truly is.. its reality!

    I love black and white pictures too :D
    There is an eye catching quality to it.. its like magic :D

    Hope you are well and having fun :)

  21. @ E - Rella: Hello and nice of you to appreciate my work. And to your question, well technically I've been a freelance photographer in the past-just one of my passions, like writing. Nice of you to drop by!

    @Alieux: Its nice to know you found the photos interesting, mission accomplished. Thanks!

    @ibe chinoso: Nice, and thanks for stopping by!

    @Carmen Varner: Yes its raw and beautiful no doubt, nice thoughts!

    @Blue Grumpster: I get your perspective indeed, and I agree. Thank you for that, and nice seeing you on here!

    @BlazyFashion: Very nice of you to drop by and thank you for your comment!

    @Lux G.: I quite agree, many thanks for that!

    @Lisa Isabella Russo: I agree about the elegance surrounding them. Appreciate your comment and nice of you to drop by!

    @Christine: Thanks a lot!

  22. Wow, these are gorgeous photos, even the one with the trees and aeroplane. you really are a great photographer, "Bloggi." You know, the reason B&W works so well is one is less likely to get distracted by the brighter colours, focusing on those areas in stead of the form as a whole.

  23. I love natural colours,
    Nice photographs

  24. Great quote and I really enjoy black and white photos too. You took some great photos they have a bit of mystery to them.


  25. Nice art work. I love the Riverside piece.

  26. Boss.. That Quote is Everything.. "We see the world not as it is, but as we are.."

    Think about it Blogoratti (Biko what does ya name mean?! Is it French or Italian, or just a nicky?!) Ehen Back to my poetry.. **Shines teeth... When we are drunk the world is spinning, when we are happy the world is green, when I am heheheheh Heart Broken the world is Blue.. We are our own world.. Our Eyes show to us the world that we create within us..

    Damn! I am on a freaking roll Chief of Staff.. hehehe Thanks for the inspiration.. cause at this pace Oga boss.. Amma gonna start being a poet like teh great Suli Breaks or something.. **shines teeth.. Cheers Baba, and thanks for always...

    P.S: The ever BeauRRiful and drop dead sexy and endearing wrote you a small love letter on her Blog oh! heheheh just kidding.. She is an amazing writer and she has this really ghen ghen post about being a great blogger in which she mentioned you sir.. :) hehehe I think she is in love.,. **Winks.. iJoke and iKid.. Cheers.

  27. Love the pictures so beautiful especially that of the sunrise..romantic

  28. Beautiful pictures.

    Hello Papi!!! hope you're doing okay?

    Please click on my name for Fashion/Fitness/Beauty tips

  29. These are wonderful. I love the last one with the sunlight peeking through, perfect. Like light has a way of getting through no matter what! I hope you have a wonderful weekend :)

  30. Beautiful B & W photos, very atmospheric.

    Regards Erika.

  31. @Michael: I agree with you on that, and really nice of you to leave a kind comment, appreciate it a lot, thank you!

    @bolatito fashina: Hi there, glad you like thanks a lot!

    @Madeupgirl: Mystery is a great word to describe it all, thank you for your kind words and nice weekend!

    @Gloria Okaimam: Hello and thanks a lot!

    @Duru Adolphus Jnr.: I know right. Its just a name I picked out while starting the blog years back. And look at you writing poetry-its great and you should expand more on that. Thanks for the heads up-heading over to her blog now to see what the fuss is all about, hehe. Cheers!

    @glowy shoe: Really glad that you found it so, thank you lovely!

    @CatwalkWithPAT: Thanks a lot for coming through!

    @Kizzy Von Doll: Its perfect the way you have said it, very nice indeed...many thanks and enjoy your weekend!

    @Erika: Beautiful indeed and nice of you to see it that way, thank you!

  32. @संजय भास्‍कर: Thank you for visiting!

  33. These are very beautiful pictures. I love the second the most. You're really good at this

  34. I love the black and white fotos too. They let us paint the picture with the color od our choice in the back of our mind!

  35. Awesome shots, that hallway really stretches on forever

  36. Really love the photos!! Nice weekend!!

  37. lovely shots! I do not know why but b/w and sepia shots make me nostalgic :)

  38. lovely shots! I do not know why but b/w and sepia shots make me nostalgic :)

  39. Lovely shots, they are truly beautiful.

    "...I don't care, go on and tear me apart. I don't care if you do, oohoooooh
    cos in a sky, 'cos in a sky full of stars...I think I saw you" I just love Coldplay. Thank you.

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