Thursday, June 04, 2015

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Poem: In The Day Dream Hour

Quote of the day:

Beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart. -Kahlil Gibran

image: Rustcity

Back in the day.
When technology wasn't a disturbance.
I wrote you letters.
I wrote you love letters with smears of fragrance. 

Page after page I wrote.
With fanciful multi coloured pens.
Like a painter working on a masterpiece.
It was like a rush...a sort of spiritual cleanse.

Minutes would turn to hours.
Time was of no essence and hunger had no meaning. 
A thousand and one crumbled sheets.
No laxity with emotions that were unforgiving. 

I became like a vocalist.
I was your poet, painter and musician. 
Shakespeare, Picasso, and Mozart.
My words became my audition. 

My emotions turned to enchanting songs.
I told no lies and held truth in a solemn embrace. 
A combination of a canary and a nightingale.
I flowed over mountains seeking love's hiding place.

Peace & Serenity*
iamblogoratti (IG & Twitter)

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  1. @annell: I'm glad you think so. Thank you!

  2. @Col...Colman...col2910: Hello, welcome and thanks for stopping by!

  3. Hmmm professor you remind me of those old days when my dad will tell me the joy of hand written letter to a loved one... Nice write up.

  4. @uthman saheed: Hello, thanks for that and nice of you to visit!

  5. I love the quote from Kahlil Gibran. Wise words. And yes sometimes technology is a disturbance. I like writing letters but so often I sent an e-mail instead of an old-fashioned letter. That's why I love Postcrossing with postcards.

    Good post. Love the (sort of) poem or song.

  6. Omg I just loved reading this.. so well written

  7. @Jedidja: Nice of you to share that, good to see you on here, many thanks!

    @Natasha Bhatt: Hello, its great to know that you enjoyed it. Thank you!

  8. @Julia Toussaint: Thanks for liking, great to have you here!

  9. Very beautiful! :)

  10. You write very well, I like to write as well but I don't do that good. xoxo

  11. Beautiful! Letter writing becomes more and more of a lost art as time goes by. It is something to think about...

  12. A letter written by one's hand with words from one's heart.
    I love the feeling of holding a written letter in my is the next best thing to holding their hand.

    Very beautiful and so very true~


  13. Loved the inspiration phrase!!

  14. So beautiful poem. I love it!

  15. Wow this is superb. I love the images and it says a lot about how society has changed.

  16. @ Priscilla Eliodoro: Hello and thanks for coming by!

    @Enara Girl: Appreciate your kind words. Keep writing down your thoughts, until you become better at it. You can do it-as long as you have the passion. Thank you for visiting.

    @Lisa Isabella Russo: Yes indeed, definitely food for thought indeed. Thank you so much for visiting!

    @Jan: You have described it greatly, thanks for that and nice seeing you!

    @Rafaela S.: Thanks for visiting!

    @Joy: Hello, and nice of you to come through!

    @ilola: I'm glad that you are lovely, thanks!

    @My name is Erika: Hello, thanks a lot for stopping by!

  17. I love it. I'd rather find a hand-written letter in my snail mail box than an email in my email box.

  18. @Blue Grumpster: I agree. Hand written letters are everything, sad its a lost art these days. Thanks for visiting!

  19. awesome job indeed. Goes to show how much things have changed

  20. Wow- that was some sonia sanchez-type creativeness there!
    and i love her.

  21. ----> My emotions turned to enchanting songs.

    That line hits home for me. Very powerful.

    Kreyola Jounerys | Instagram

  22. Wonderful post overall. I really like the Kahlil Gibran quote and agree with it, and the photo is beautiful.

  23. This is lovely and very sweet. Those were the days!

    Molola's Blog

  24. Its funny yeah Oga Boss... How before now everything was so simple.. How "I love you" didnt just used to be words but spoken acSHion.. How a hand written letter had deeper meaning and would be more cherished than a meager WhatsApp message.. How an iPhone 6 or a long lasting 5k mac lipstick wasnt the most ghen ghen thing a woman wanted from her man, but she would rather prefer a kiss on the fore head as the most important from the man in her life.. Where has the world that we know gone to?! What planet are we on?! Man becomes woman.. prime Gist like peeps changing the world have become secondary gist.. Where did the world as we know transcend to?! Meeehnhnn Oma-she oh! Seriously Boss.. Oma-shee.. :(

    On a lighter note.. yyyyaaaaaayyy.. King BlogoraTTi (we coined that for you at YnC) sent you an invite on Instagram.. Biko tell your P.A to tell her P.A to tell their perm Sec on instagram issues to accept it on your behalf.. heheheheh As a boss nah.. **Raises 2 hands up... hehehehehe Nigeria's Bureaucracy in Government ehhnnn.. They just like to sha put their entire village people on pay roll ssshhhha.. Cheers Chief of Staff..

  25. I totally love the quote of the day! Thanks for sharing!!
    Coco et La vie en rose - Valeria Arizzi

  26. @Christine: Thank you so much!

    @Aimless Writer: Hello, lovely to see you here and thank you!

    @Pat Hatt: I agree. Many thanks indeed!

    @Alieux (Daij): Haha, I am sure you do. Thanks for your kind words, and for stepping though!

    @Kreyola: Thanks for liking, really nice of you to come through!

    @Linda: Greetings and appreciate your visit!

    @Tomi Molola: Hello nice of you to come by, thanks a lot!

    @ Adolphus Jnr.: Very well said and couldn't agree more. The world's changing so fast these days. Its the era of sending emails and text messages to someone sitting right next to you -instead of actually having a face to face conversation. But I digress...thank you, already added you on IG. Have a nice weekend!

    @Coco: I like that you love, thanks for visiting!

  27. Please can you write me a letter?!?!?!?

    I'm serious.

  28. What wonderful words, and love the quote! Hope you have a fantastic weekend!

  29. @Berry Dakara: Ha, well yes indeed. Where do I post it to :) Thanks for stopping by!

    @RO: Hello, glad you like and nice to see you here!

  30. Wow! That is really good! You're a great poet to write something so beautiful. :)

  31. So beautiful poem! Have a great weekend!!!

  32. This is really a powerful poem... Once in a while we need that peaceful environment to dream back to how it was back then..

  33. @Lexa Cain: Thank you for your kind words, appreciate your visit!

    @Beauty Unearthly: Hello, thank you!

    @glowy shoe: I agree. Thank you for your thoughts and nice to see you here!

  34. I miss hand-written letters! I wonder if it's a completely lost art ....

  35. Beautiful poetry to start this sunny day with! Thanks :)

  36. I love this period of time remembered with nostalgia and love. Lovely.

  37. Beautiful poem and image. You do have way with the words. Have a happy weekend!

  38. wonderful poem
    Maybe we could to fallow each other?

  39. God this was beautiful. I wish I inspired someone to write for me in this way.

  40. Hmm, since you can't post it, write it, then scan it to me?


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