Friday, June 05, 2015

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Three Things To Inspire Your Weekend (11)

Quote of the day: 
The only reason why we ask other people how their weekend was is so we can tell them about our own weekend. -Chuck Palahniuk

image: AP
Anthony Perosi (pictured on the right), with his son after winning $136 Million powerball jackpot, with cash value of $88.5 million. Anthony, a plumber in the US says he wants to keep working -but also plans to relax a little more. He also decided to share the winnings with his son at a ratio of 70-30. 

image: National Geographic
 A team of scientists recently discovered some seven new species of tiny frogs located in Brazil's Atlantic rain forest. This newly discovered species belong to the genus Brachycephalus -a group of frogs known for their minuscule size and bright colours.

 image: Arch Daily
The perfect weekend getaway as seen on Arch Daily, located in Gambier Island, Canada. Designed by 'mcfarlange green biggar' and powered by independent sources for heat and electricity.

Have a beautiful weekend folks.

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  1. That weekend getaway looks gorgeous! And best of luck to the plumber. You hear so many stories of folks winning the lottery and then going bankrupt after mismanagement.

  2. I love that weekend getaway! The perfect retreat if you're looking to truly relax.

  3. Certainly made my weekend!
    Such a gorgeous little frog...and that getaway looks absolutely amazing!

    Have a Great Weekend.:))

  4. I want the getaway mood like that. The glass house in the forest would be nice!

  5. Wow, that is a lot of dough. A nice getaway too.

  6. I think I'd be willing to settle for 30%, for sure. What an incredibly small frog. We saw one hop off into oblivion a few days ago that was almost imperceptible in size. The tree house getaway is pretty awesome.

  7. @Just Keepin It Real, Folks!: Very true, hope he can invest his winnings wisely. Thank you for stopping by!

    @Plowing Through Life (Martha): Yes indeed it is. Thank you!

    @Ygraine: I'm glad that it did, thanks for visiting!

    @Gail J: I know what you mean. Nice seeing you on here!

    @Pat Hatt: Yes indeed it is. Many thanks!

    @Linda Kay: I think I'd settle for that amount as well. And yes the tree house is amazing stuff. Thank you for stopping by!

  8. Simply wonderful photos!

  9. What a cute frog!

    That's a funny quote at the top.

    So... what are you doing this weekend?

  10. @Gail: Hello and nice of you to visit!

    @Theresa Milstein: Greetings to you. I am going to relax and maybe read a nice book this weekend. Thanks for visiting!

  11. Consider me inspired...I love when I hear good news, see nature's miracles and travel to beautiful places!
    Please have a nice weekend with lots of inspiration,for you, too :)


    Thank you~

  12. Thanks for stopping by my site!

    Just when it is thought that all species have been discovered, a tiny tiny frog proves them wrong.

    That delightful vacation home would become a permanent home for me. We are preparing to move, downsize, and would love a green home.

  13. Awww that frog is so cute...i want it.. Happy weekend to you

  14. __All those millions; one wee frog; and that self-sufficient hideaway
    in the forest_!

    They are all are winners to me, and I hope Ya'll have a "Winning Weekend_!"

  15. Now i'd love to lay in all weekend after seeing that cabin,the serenity alone...peaceful.
    Have a great weekend n thanks for stopping by.

  16. WOW! That sure was a lucky win! I bet he won't keep working long, though. He'll be working with a ton of jealous people, I fear.

  17. I'm happy for the plumber and his son.
    I hope they manage the money well.

    The getaway has my name written all over it!
    It's just perfect.

    Thanks for the constant support my dear.

    Have a wonderful weekend.


  18. Aww, tiny frog looks so cute! I'd be rather afraid to walk in the forest of Brazil so that I wouldn't step on any of them :) xx Maja

  19. @Jan: Glad you are inspired, and thank you. Have a great weekend!

    @Susan Kane: So many things yet to be discovered in the world it seems. Thanks for stopping by!

    @glowy shoe: Thanks and nice to see you here!

    @Magyar: Enjoy your weekend and thanks for coming through!

    @Mahka RnR: True. Thanks a lot for stopping by!

    @EG CameraGirl: I agree. Thanks for visiting!

    @Blazy fashion: Hey, you are most welcome, take good care and thanks!

    @Maja K: Hello its nice of you to stop by!

  20. interesting news,always love to hear about lottery winnings although they never last long.

  21. That frog is so adorable. It still amazes me that new species of animal and plants are being found.

  22. I don't know what it is about the discovery of new species of frog... But it sure got me inspired, new things would always happen, the only constant thing is change

  23. Happy Weekend :-) Neat about the little frogs.

  24. Oh that quote is super true... **covers face** Anytime I ask a friend how his or her weekend was...I am actually itching to give them a gist of how mine went down...hehe

    Happy weekend Papi..

  25. That is a good looking frog. Lol. Now that makes me wanna go on a vacation. Thanks for this and have an amazing weekend

    Molola's Blog

  26. The weekend getaway really caught my attention! Happy weekend!

  27. What a pretty weekend getaway! Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

  28. Love the quote and i agree to it. Awesome post!
    Anyway, do you want to follow each other? Follow me and let me know so i can follow you back immediately.

    Flash Tattoo Giveaway!

  29. Oh, that's such a lovely tiny frog :)

  30. Thanks for popping by my blog this week! Have a great weekend!

  31. awww those little frogs are cute...and i wouldn't mind a little weekend getaway in such a nice place

  32. I always like what you put together for us...wonderful short posts and pretty informative.

  33. Love that little bright yellow tiny frog. Our world is amazing! Lol! I just realized the same thing about somebody asking you about your weekend. I will do better from now on! ;)


  34. That is the coolest-looking tiny frog!

  35. Hahahaha that quote is bang on! But then again.. don't we all do that sometime around :D

  36. Oh my, so much money! I wouldn't even know what to do with all that!


  37. the frog looks beautiful, and then the plumber has a good heart to want to share his wins with his son

  38. Great post, happy weekend.

  39. Wish I could go for a weekend in that house, LOL
    Have a nice day!

    Check my summer wishlist:

  40. That little frog looks so strange! I'd like to live in a house like that! ^-^
    Thanks for your comment on my blog!

  41. I love the tiny frogs. They look like toys or candy.
    Thanks for commenting on my blog.

  42. Hello,

    Very nice post ! :D


  43. I need a weekend getaway in that house, lol.


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