Sunday, June 07, 2015

Plans For The Week (9)

Quote of the day:
Thinking something does not make it true. Wanting something does not make it real.
-Michelle Hodkin

Hello folks and happy Sunday.

The month of June is sure off to a quick start -hope your goals are going according to plan. Its that time to make new ones for the week. So here goes.

1. Practice more meditation.
2. Read a book.
3. Take risks and try out new things.
4. Be thankful for the little things.
5. Call an old friend just to say hello.
6. Enjoy the outdoors and sunshine.
7. Workout twice in the week.
8. Sort out my finances.
9. Keep dreaming big.

There goes most of my plans for the week, have you made yours yet?
Have an exciting week!

Peace & Love
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  1. It used to be that I had plans that I would spend hours putting together. Now I envision possibilities and allow time to dictate what will or will not be.


  2. Nice plan for the week! Have lots in mind, but I take one at a time:)

  3. Nice ideas, but you know I make some of these , but I have many things at home:)
    (Wash the curtains, see the pets and feed them, cook and bake of course, etc.)

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  6. Solid plans. Yes I have made my plans for the week too. Have an amazing week ahead :)

    Molola's Blog

  7. Sorry by the repeats!
    I dont know what happens:(

  8. Sorry by the repeats!
    I dont know what happens:(

  9. Good plans. I'd need finances first in order to sort them out lmao

  10. great idea to call an old friend!

  11. @ Irish Cherokee: Hello. That in itself is a plan, time is everything. Thank you for stopping by!

    @Gloria Baker: Hello, nice one there. Thanks for dropping by!

    @Joy: Thanks for coming by!

    @Tomi 'Molola: Hello, nice of you to visit and thanks!

    @Pat Hatt: Ha, good one there. Thanks for visiting!

    @Christine: Yes indeed, many thanks!

    @Sumana Roy: Thank you!

  12. Really nice plans...reading a book, or two, or three, is always on my list :))
    Enjoy your plans and have a wonderful week~


  13. All this advices are super...
    hope you can bring them forward -
    wishing you a fab new week!

  14. @Jan: That's good, hope you will share your titles. Thank you for coming by!

    @froebelsternchen Susi: I hope to do just that, many thanks!

  15. Great post! Lots of wonderful reminders about things to do to make ourselves happy. I think I will call and old friend this week too- I have some I need to catch up with asap. :)

    Happy week to you!

  16. You are pushing lazy people like me, to think and make a similar list. Phewww...

    Great post:) Loved the list...

  17. Sounds like a well planned out week. I need to take more time to read books.. I do love to go outdoors and in the sunshine as much as possible. Have a happy day and week ahead!

  18. Keep dreaming big. That's the best one of them all!

  19. Postagem maravilhosa

  20. Point 5 is a very good one to make! Hope it goes well!

    Have a great day,

  21. Thank you for stopping by my blog and commenting. Your to-do list is similar to mine.

  22. My brother is coming into town next week so I have plans with him.

  23. Good plans for the week, I am taking it easy this week! Valerie

  24. I have so much to do this week as well, this includes taking more blog pictures and running some errands. As for exercising, I really need to get back to that.

    Princess Audu

  25. Great plans! Calling an old friend is always wonderful. Not sure yet what my week will consist of but I will make it a point of being a happy one.

  26. Wow, really interesting...thx for sharing!

  27. I really need to print this plan and use it every week! :)

  28. Am working on no 8..trying to find the best way to handle my finances...tnx for this great help

  29. Excellent plans for the week.

    Very interesting and realistic quote. Thinking and wanting will not take us any where. They are only dreams. We have to work on them tirelessly for concrete achievement. Realisation of our dreams needs determination, perseverance and continuous efforts and this is where most of us fail.

    Best wishes

  30. Great reminder to all of us something to always consider.

  31. Number 8 and 9! Especially number 9, we never know when those dreams might just come true

  32. Wow....its been so long i called an old friend. Just kind of too busy to even answer some calls. need to call them like seriously. Thanks.

  33. That sounds like a wise list to live by to me. The only thing I would add is to work on your art, whatever that is… music, visual arts, dance, etc. Thanks for your visit and Blessings!

  34. i love this :) i hope you're having an amazing day!


  35. Perfect plan for the week, my friend!!!
    Kisses, Paola.


    My Facebook

  36. These are really inspiring!
    I would so like to aspire to these too...especially the one to meditate more.
    I've been feeling quite stressed recently!
    Thank you so much.:)

  37. I have moved...I have started a new blog that I feel will be more of who and what I am about. If you care to visit here is my new URL...

    Hope to see you there~


  38. Please do enjoy the outdoors and sunshine since we can't! It's been hailing and flooding here. I can't remember the last time I saw a blue sky.

  39. The Michelle Hodkin quote is so true. Thanks for reminding us.

  40. 10. Take a nap after making that list.

  41. @DMS: Hello, all the best with the catch-ups that you need. Thanks!

    @Shivani Singh: Hope you get off your behind indeed and best wishes with your goals. Thank you!

    @eileeninmd: More time for books is inevitable. I hope you do so, and best wishes!

    @Stephanie Faris: Dreaming big is definitely a huge one. Thank you, nice of you to come by!

    @Nequéren Reis: Thank you for visiting!

    @Kati: Thanks a lot for that and nice to see you on here!

    @Senorita: Hello and thanks for stopping by!

    @Mary Kirkland: Hello, its always nice to have family around indeed. Have fun and all the best for the week!

    @Valerie-Jael: Taking things easy is swell. Best wishes, and thanks for stopping by!

    @Sarah Enuwa Audu: Blog pictures and errands sounds great, best wishes with everything!

    @Plowing Through Life (Martha): However your week turns out in the end, I sincerely hope that its a good one for you. Thank you!

    @Beauty Unearthly: I thank you for coming through!

    @Arrow: That's a great idea that I think should work for you. Best wishes!

    @glowy shoe: All the best as you do just that. Thank you!

    @Joseph Pulikotil: I quite agree with your thoughts, good one. Nice of you to share and thanks a lot for coming through!

    @Jackie Harrison: Thanks for visiting!

    @Adaeze: Hopefully it all works out for you. Thank you!

    @ uthman saheed: Hello and many thanks!

    @Arnoldo L. Romero, MLA: Work on your art is good advice, nice of you to share that. Thank you for stopping by!

    @Mihaela: Hello, I am indeed having a delightful day. I hope your week is going on well, many thanks!

    @Paola Lauretano: Hello friend, thank you so much for visiting!

    @Ygraine: Stress can be a good thing, sometimes it forces us to slow down and take things easy. Hang in there and best wishes!

    @Jan: Hello, and congrats on the move. I will be sure to check it out. Best wishes!

    @A Beer For The Shower: Hearing how you haven't seen a blue sky in a while, I have to be more grateful for the weather indeed. Thanks for visiting!

    @EG CameraGirl: Hello, its true indeed. Nice of you to drop by!

  42. Uhhh I called an old friend today and it was fun...**smiling**

    Hiya Papi...Have a beautiful week.

  43. Great goals! I think I'd like to give an old friend a hello as well. These are constructive and I like the balance of mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical health here.

  44. My plans are similar to yours, big, stron, healthy.Have a great week and thank you for your visits to my blog.

  45. I intend to learn new skill this month. Thank God I have started. No more procrastination

  46. It is defo good to set plans and goals. I love them and they're some of the things I'm aiming to do too. :)

  47. Good plans :)

  48. I have a book lying around.. which I better read soon... Poetry keeps me so busy!!! Lol :D

    Have a nice weekend :D

  49. saying hello to a fried is a good way to start


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