Thursday, October 29, 2015

7 Ideas To Help You Challenge Yourself

Quote of the day: 
Life throws challenges and every challenge comes with rainbows and lights to conquer it. -Amit Ray

Do you ever get the feeling that life is at a standstill? That nothing appears to move either forward or backward, with thoughts and actions in a deadlock sort of -like being checkmated at a chess game with no moves to make. Truth be told, maintaining a steady list of challenges can be hard. But then again, what is life without healthy adventures to help fire us up?. The trick though, is to pick a practical challenge, like say for instance a '30 day (insert challenge here) task', or other.

Therefore it can be said that valuable lessons can be gained from stepping out of our comfort zone -including enabling us to make the best out of life. To help ignite your mindset, and lift you out of feeling stuck, bored or unchallenged, here is a list of challenges that you can put to good use.

1. Learn a new language

It sounds so simple, but it takes dedication to commit to picking and learning a new language. You must also decide in what format your lessons will be -podcasts, on-line videos, books, or perhaps a friend or colleague willing to teach you. Sometimes the difficulty in learning a new tongue can be due to cultural differences, and so on.

2. Support a Cause

Find a cause you want to support -there are thousands of them, and give your time and effort to it.

3. Plan For A Getaway 

Our busy schedules can be just that -busy. We often make little or no time four ourselves to put our feet up, relax and not have to worry too much about anything -besides our bodies are not built to work non-stop without rest. This getaway can be to any destination, the outcome of which should be to renew yourself and redefine your life's purpose,

4. Go To Bed Early Each Day

If you've done all you can do for one day, going to bed early makes sense -especially if you have to wake up early the following day. If you are the night owl type, this might prove difficult to do at first, but it definitely is a worthy and beneficial challenge. The lack of good sleep can be detrimental.

5. Eliminate Bad Habits

What better way to challenge yourself than to work at quitting any bad habits. We all have our inner battles, and the only person who can help us win, with determination -is ourselves.

6. Read At Least One Book A Month

Reading has many great benefits. A book can open up new realities and possibilities, stimulate the mind, and can inspire and lead to new found knowledge. It makes for good conversation, and striving to read at least one book a month is practical.

7.  Be Kind & Generous Daily

It could be a compliment to a complete stranger, or a thoughtful note or email to a friend or colleague, it could be buying a meal for a homeless person, or standing up for truth -whatever it is, your kindness and generosity can go a long way in not only making someone feel good about themselves, but also more likely to have the same effect on you too.

Peace. Love. Light. 

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  1. The key word here is comfort zone. We have to step out of the comfort zone.

  2. Your seven ideas are wonderful. 4, 5and 7are for me! Greetings!

  3. I tend to avoid challenges, my personality I guess! But challenges seem to find me.

  4. Love this post a lot! Thank you for sharing =)

  5. The more you stretch them, the further your boundaries will extend. Good words here. =)

  6. #7 Yyyyaaaaayyyyy.. We made Top 10! Oooooshey! a NeFer hexspeRRed it :)

    1. True talk King BlogoraTTi.. I for one believe that life in itself is a challenge.. but setting up more PERSONAL challenges definitely helps build us into better persons.. I am soo into choosing a cause and volunteering selfless against it.. But that reading a book case ehnnn.. **cleans sweat.. aYam lazy like that on that maRRa eh! **Covers face.. Been reading 3 books for the past 3 years and haven't gone past center in any of them.. :( Call me lazy. and in my mind I will agree.. but in reality i will lie that I. Just. dont have. the time..

      Thanks for sharing Oga Boss.. this was apt and timely as always.. I'm considering finishing 1 of them books by December now sef :) I think I just got Vaccinated against my poor reading culture.. Lets see how long I can keep up this time..

  7. Love this post a lot thanks for sharing.

  8. Such great tips to challenge our self.
    I love to try new language and try a new getaway

    The Bandwagon Chic | Instagram | Bloglovin | Snapchat: bandwagonchic

  9. I've just signed up for NaNoWriMo ( ) and I've pledged to write 50,000 words of a novel during November. That's 1667 words a day! Wish me luck.

  10. Too many challenges can be hard work, especially in later life... smiles.

  11. Very lofty list but I do think they are great ways to better yourself. I've play around with the a new language and I LOVE to plan trips.And being kind is always a good thing, isn't it?

  12. Postagem maravilhosa amei

  13. A good way to begin the day.
    Meet a new challenge in every way.

  14. Thanks for today's encouraging words; have a nice Thursday

    much love...

  15. Really nice tips. I cant sleep early and learn a new language to save my life. I cant even speak my own native language fluently. smh.

  16. Excellent quotes and the music by Nora Jones.

  17. The cat may have issues with #7 it could ruin his rep lol

  18. Awesome tips! I need to travel more...


  19. I tried the language thing with Duolingo French but didn't stick with it. I guess I didn't see the need. Now my husband did Spanish and completed it and now has signed up for community college course. That wasn't the challenge for me. I think I do the other ones very well though.

  20. This is really amazing!!
    It is exactly what I needed to read today, as I have been feeling stuck recently.
    You have inspired me to get off my butt and go goal-chasing!
    Thank you so much! :))

  21. Okay, most of these I'm already doing, but planning a getaway is going to be one I'm going to include.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

  22. I do most of these, am trying to cultivate a habit of reading a book every month. Just need to dedicate time to this. Thanks for sharing

    lessons from the candy Crush game  

  23. Daddy G.O. believes there will be NO SINGLE ADEBOYE in hell

  24. Comfort zones can be ruts. It's good to break out now and then.

  25. Love this! I'm all about lists. And challenges. Thanks for sharing.

  26. You are so right! We can get into the blahs. I believe in reading and crafting. I also think one can always paint a room or even some item for the garden

  27. Such a helpful and good-hearted post, Mr. Blogoratti......I love it. I am waaay too old to learn a new language but I try to do the others. My biggest accomplishment regarding doing away with a bad habit is that I quit smoking 13 years ago, after smoking for 30 yrs. Whew...I have to tell you, I was soooo proud of myself. :)
    Have a good weekend.

  28. Great ideas. I am working on numbers 4 and 5 at the moment.

  29. I love the idea of being kind and generous especially to a stranger because you have definitely made someone's day.

  30. I will challenge myself to not spend two months reading one book. Great post!!

  31. Love the list and reading a book monthly is something I need to add to my list.
    Titi's Passion


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