Monday, February 15, 2016

Plans For The Week #42

Quote of the day: 
You may have a fresh start any moment you choose, for this thing that we call 'failure' is not the falling down, but the staying down. -Mary Pickford

A fresh sheet of paper is just that -a sheet. Its like barren land devoid of anything -like daytime without a single object in the sky, and night time without the moon and stars. But watch the paper become populated when things are written in it, watch the land grow with seeds planted, and watch the sky come alive with various objects in it, clouds, birds, planes, the sun, moon and stars.

Imagine what life would be like without the ability to start fresh. Without a new day, and new plants, and new ideas and thoughts. Sometimes life goes on a wrong course, and its always nice to be able to start things afresh.

Here is a list of my goals for the week.


1. Continue writing more. This is a continuation from the previous week, and although I've started my writing project, a lot still needs to go into the direction and thought process required to see it through.

2. Keep in touch. With old acquaintances and friends alike. It is interesting how keeping in contact can lead to positive energy, and understanding. Some distraction from routine life should prove profitable.

3. Workout.  I'd like to continue with the progress I've achieved , and hope to do at least 3 days of workouts during the week. And of course great nutrition will be an essential part of it all.

4. Study. I will commence studying for a professional exam which I hope to write in the coming months. At least 20-30 minutes of study daily.

5. Read a book. I plan to read a new book this week, making it the third for the month, I'm still aiming for at least 5 books a month.

6. Wardrobe change. Its about time for me to go through my wardrobe and take down items of clothing that I no longer need. I do this every few months, de-cluttering, and donating to charity.

7. Spend more time with loved ones. Times goes by so fast, its hard to give time and attention to those around us. But seeing as my loved ones are part of my life too, I hope to spend do more this week, and listen more about what matters most to them.

8. Dream. I wish to never stop dreaming, over and over again.

Its mid-month, how are things coming along for you? Have you got any plans for coming week?
Do share your intentions in the comments box.

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Happy Valentine's day to you. Have a fantastic week ahead!
Peace. Love. Light* 

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  1. Great plans. Happy Valentine's Day. I like the beginning of a week or month. It's like a fresh start.

  2. Sounds like a VERY busy week ahead for you! I hope you'll be able to fit it all in, and feel satisfied at the end of the week.

    I was in two minds about commenting on your blog today. There used to be a time when you replied to comments. This is no longer the case, and it gives me the impression as if I could just as well not comment - it makes no difference. This feeling is probably wrong, but there you go.

  3. Hello, great quote and wonderful set of plans for the week. I like the number 8, dreaming. I say dream big. Happy Valentine's day! Enjoy your new week!

  4. I enjoy reading your plans for the week. I recently took up genealogy research which I had as a hobby in the 1970s. Technology has changed a lot since then and its neat to plug in the info I have and see it connect to others research. But I realized I could spend too much time with this so set out some goals for myself to be sure to keep up the other pursuits I love.

  5. You'll sure have lots to do this week indeed

  6. That Is an "inspiring" Quote, good Sir,...
    A great weekend to you and yours....

  7. Lovit, Blogoratti_!
    __That sheet of paper... a barren wasteland waiting for someone's thoughts to fall from their mind, through their fingers and out of their pen.

  8. I love that quote and Mary Pickford was a powerhouse for a young tiny gal in the movies. I hope to be able to walk a bit this week since last week I was too crippled to. I will be making more cards and visiting my mom and, hopefully see a film that is up for an Oscar

  9. Good plans! I gotta give a lecture tomorrow evening and most of the time between now and then will be tied up with that.

  10. Great plans!
    Happy Valentine's Day >^.^<
    Thank U for such a nice visit to my blog :)

  11. Lovely post dear! Have a great week! xx

  12. Joining Weight Watchers. I've had enough of being chubby. I have absolutely NO willpower anymore, so it's off to WW I go. I am always successful in losing weight with their program.

  13. Worthy goals! Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting. Good luck with your goals, especially good luck with the writing. I'm hoping to finish my rewrite of my mystery between this month and next.

  14. Sounds like great plans, dear!

  15. Best of luck with your goals! I want to try working out more as well - and definitely focus more on my personal writing!

  16. Dear Mr. Blogoratti, thanks so much for your visit and sweet words.
    I, too, plan to declutter my closet and take a large bag of clothes and shoes to Goodwill. I try to do this often...
    Have a beautiful week.

  17. That's why my wife always says, "On your feet, soldier!" She is, of course, the general. She hates de-cluttering. I love it.

    Happy Valentine

  18. Your pre-amble to making a blank page become something is lovely- a poem. Hope your week is successful!

  19. You certainly have a lot of interesting goals for your week! The one I'm working on this year keeping in touch and spending more time with loved ones!
    May your coming week be fruitful!

  20. You have lots of goals for your week, but they all seem achievable. Good luck!

  21. Wishing you a great week ahead!
    And, I started reading Norwegian Wood - Totally in love with it!!!!

  22. I hope you keep to all that, especially the fitness part. lol! Have a fruitful week.

  23. I really like the concept of starting a new list of personal goals for the week. A fresh new start is definitely important, since we can feel so defeated when we fail. This type of weekly habit could give me hope. Thank you for sharing such a powerful tool. Blessings!

  24. Beautiful! This is such a well written post.

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  25. Sounds like another packed full week with good plans. Great quote too.

  26. Inspiring post! Fresh days and pages are great motivators. I love your list of goals. I need to do all those things myself.

  27. What am I dreaming? I'm planning my seedlings, and I see you have big plans as well.

  28. Nice plans! My plan is also reading and working :)
    Thanks a lot for your last comment : )

  29. I especially like your "Keep in touch" goal. I had an unexpected call from an old friend the other day, and it was really meaningful to me that she took the time to reach out. Too often, we let friendships lapse, too busy or distracted to give them the focus they deserve. Thank you for the reminder!

  30. Hello Blogoratti, Thank you for reminding me that it is always nice to be able to start things afresh. That is so true. Your blog is very encouraging. Thank you for sharing!

  31. Your goals are so worthy... Good ideas!

  32. Well your plans look good to me - here's to you fulfilling them.

    Have a good week

    All the best Jan


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