Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Poem: Lines Drawn Without Orderliness

Quote of the day: 
I felt the most intense pleasure in piercing the stone in order to make an abstract form and space; quite a different sensation from that of doing it for the purpose of realism. -Barbara Hepworth

image: DeviantArt/fyobyber

The escapism of sound protrudes.
Non piercing but yet audible enough.
Bound to life and noncorrosive particles. 
Even terrains can get overtly rough.

Visions spread across twisted faces.
Fever builds itself a fortified castle.
Progression was never a thing to grasp.
Blue horizon suppresses a yawn.

Polished metal of forgiveness.
Discarded along trembling paths.
Strings of melodies predominate.
Evenly spread across rusty banisters.

Lines drawn without orderliness. 
Tip toe across shards of glass.
Granting desires not impersonations.
A sculpture is a sculpture still.

Rinsing away solemnly night and day.
Submerge, baptize, and repeat.
Blessings over cataclysm.
Heavenly dusts remain unfading.

Immortality cannot be transient.
A window is but an open heart.
A photograph is but an illusion.
The revelation of sound caves in.

Peace. Love. Light* 

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  1. Wonderful poem! Thanks for sharing.

  2. @Diana Ashuayem: Many thanks and nice of you to visit!

  3. Lindo poema! Um abraço,tudo de bom,chica

  4. Great poem !
    Thanks for your comment on my blog. I´m your new follower on GFC ;) Keep in touch and if you want follow my. Kiss from Portugal

  5. "Immortality cannot be transient." I like that line!

  6. I like the poem. I'm inspired to do one.

  7. interesting post...thx for sharing! xx

  8. Poema maravilhoso amei

  9. Wow... That is so layered and textured. It draws me in and I must go back and read it again. Several of the lines really resonate with me. I especially like the idea of "Blessings over cataclysm." Thank you for sharing!

  10. Awesome! Literally enjoyed this post.

  11. ...the polished metal of forgiveness...i like that--things fall away from the smoothness, metal that's been tempered... wonderful poem,p.s thank you so much for your visit to my chicago photo blog.... :))

  12. So beautiful!
    I cant agree more with this:
    "A window is but an open heart. A photograph is but an illusion."

  13. This poem needs to be appreciated ... read it more than once!

    All the best Jan

  14. This poem is so beautiful and emotional!


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