Friday, December 19, 2008

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Holiday Gifts To Buy For your Partner (1)

How you all doing today this beautiful friday!

It's another weekend-a significant one at that. It's the last before Christmas kicks in. 
And i've been thinking about what it was that people buy as gifts for loved ones. 

So what type of gift items will you be giving out this holiday season? 
Here's a list prepared by my friend, who we will call girlie. 
So here 's girlie's top 5 gift ideas list..

1. Perfume Bottle 
2. Shoes
3. Wristwatch
4. ipod
5. Manchester United merchandise (Yer she's a fan) !

My additions to the list goes: 
6. Baths and body products
7. Luxury weekends
8. Digital camera
9. Lingerie
10. Gift basket

So there it is people. If the list helps in any way for you guys finding it hard to get her something, then its all good. 

But what about the ladies? What can they get for Him? 
Watch out for part two coming soon. 

Lastly, thank you guys for all your comments in previous posts.
For those interested in the knitwears -i'll post more picutres as time goes by, and also would let you in on how you could get your hands on some of the designs. 


  1. looks lik perfumes r top priority for females these days....

  2. Anonymous,Yeah you can say that again,lol.


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