Monday, January 12, 2009

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6 STEPS: Starting your Day

  Quote of the day:

Plan your work for today and every day, then work your plan. 

Norman Vincent Peale

It rained for the most part of yesterday-the very first rainfall this year. For you guys still in the winter weather, i wonder how that sounds ;-)

So how do you start your day?

I mean we've all heard about getting up on the wrong side of the bed,right? 

What this literarily means is that your colleagues at your workplace won't understand the monster that has become of you when you get to work that day. Terrible mood, quiet demeanor, straight face,do all these sound familiar or is it just me. 


On days like this i'm sure most of us are spoiling for a confrontation, and keep thinking "please let someone just start with me today"...




6 steps :Start your day


1. Plan your day the night before. Setting aside a couple of minutes before bed, to get things ready for the next day goes a long way. Organize your wardrobe (you don't want to wake up the next day thrashing about your wardrobe looking for what to wear), what you are going to be putting on, arrange your bag, keys and other neccessary stuff. If you do this,leaving the house the next morning will be a breeze.  


2. Sleep. Basically,i've noticed that getting a good night's rest works wonders in the morning. 


3. Wake up at once. I'm guilty of not always getting up once the alarm rings-it feels good getting a few more minutes of Zsss, but really most times when i get up at once it really helps. So wake up at once and start doing stuff.


4. Start an activity. Immediately you get up, start some sort of activity to keep you busy. Do your quiet time (meditation), brush your teeth, do light exercise,take a shower,eat breakfast,etc. The major thing is for you to start an activity,whatever works for you best-instead of lazying about in bed-get up and start something.


5. Shower time. Cold or hot shower depends on the weather,but its amazing the effect a shower has on a tired body with sleepy eyes-it wakes you up no matter what. So make it a priority to have a good clean shower after waking up to give you a good head start in the morning.


6. Leave the house early. After getting all dressed up, your next aim should be to leave the house early enough. If your workplace is a 30 minutes drive, you should leave at least 45 minutes before.This not only gives you added 15 minutes, but it also helps to cover any unforseen troubles ahead (for instance traffic).


So there it is, my 6 steps of starting your day. Follow these steps and i'm sure it will go a long way in helping you in many ways. 

Its all about redescovering oneself. Usually whatever one's thought process is,it will surely come to pass. So if we wake up thinking the day will not be good,then we'll most likely be right. And if you  wake up thinking the day will be good,then it surely will be. 

So focus on your day ahead, smile at your self in the morning because you know how special you are.

Focus on the day ahead and be confident. A positive morning routine will not only make us a better person,but it will also give us a positive day ahead.



  1. Thanks for this blog..its not easy gettin up early in d mornin, most times i just want to scream "darn it all!!!!" and just lie back. Will try ur steps and hope it will work. Cheerios!!!

  2. You are most welcome. And yes don't we all want to scream while getting up in the morning,eh.
    I do hope it works for you too ;-)


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