Tuesday, April 07, 2015

The Rewind (2)

Quote of the day: 
There is no point in using the word 'impossible' to describe something that has clearly happened.
-Douglas Adams

A story told backwards about almost missing a train....starting at the very end.

I arrived in the Midlands..
I got back on the train, watching the scenery backwards..
I quickly scanned for a good seat on the train..
Quick brisk walk out of platform 2..

Time check 5:45am...no time to grab a coffee..
I took my ticket out of my coat...
I put it back in the vending machine.

I walked briskly out of the train station at Euston..
I muttered inaudibly under my breath,..
As I pulled my travelling bag over my shoulder.
It was freezing, as I decided to walk..
I glanced at my watch again...
Night buses and taxis zoomed backwards silently..
Time check, 5.30am.

No time to waste.
I am terribly sorry he said once more...offering a refund.. 
I thought of missing my train and appointment..
The cab driver swore silently...but I heard.
I waited by the pavement...
Cab driver had a flat tire..
We got into the cab and he drove me home..
Cab arrived just in time...
I went back indoors.

Bag...check. Breakfast...check. Shower....check. 
Alarms went off, minutes apart. No time to snooze..
The clock went back from 5am to 11pm..
And that's where this story begins..
I undid the alarms I set and got out of bed..
I pressed the end button on my phone and spoke..
I told the cab service, '5am by tomorrow for cab a need I'... 
I put my phone down on the bed..

This is part II of a post I did back in 2009, which you can read here

Peace & Love!

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  1. Nicely written!


  2. Captivating, can't wait to read how it ends......

  3. Wonderfully imaginative ... traveling backwards and recreating the visuals ... wonderful :-)

  4. Part 2 coming after 6 years? wow! interesting read.

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  5. Funmi S, many thanks for stopping by.

    Damie, appreciate that and yes I can't wait too!

    Amrit, I'm glad you find it so, thank you!

    Alieux, nice seeing you on here.

    CatWalk With PAT, Hehe, I know right. I remembered mid-way that I had written something similiar in the past, so I decided to make it part II!

  6. Is it cheating if I didn't read it backwards? Lol I enjoyed this, got me reminiscing. I hope we won't have to wait another 6 years for part III!

  7. Unoma, definitely not! It can be read forwards or backwards, hehe. And hopefully part III will come even sooner. Thanks for your comment!

  8. Beautifully written. Sounds as if you were moving back and forth in a time warp.


  9. True story for every traveller.. and I'm sure it happens with everyone..

    Well done


  10. I love the rewind as a creative writing prompt. I think my teens will love this too as a morning writing exercise. You arrived at a destination but the story is in the journey...just like life. I love it!

  11. E Rella, Yes it sure appears that way, a time warp of events. Thanks!

    Geetika, I am sure it does too, appreciate your stopping by!

    Jolyn, I agree, they just might find it exciting like I did, and true...the story is in the journey. Thank you for that!

  12. Nicely written
    I really like the way you presented it


  13. I agree. With Douglas adams!
    So you have been on this blog since 2000c,thats epic.my senior I bow


  14. Cooll.. So initially yeah, aswear I didnt get the post!! It was until i re- read the caption that went "Starting from the end" that it began to sink into my 23 years 3 months 27 days old confused head.. Aswear a nefer hexxspeRRed it cause it was NOT making much sense at first.. But reading from down wards up made pretty much sense.. Its strange yeah, how not paying attention to detail can screw up anyone and anything.. ossshhheeey Turn uP!!! Nice lesson..


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