Saturday, July 04, 2015

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The Effects of Negative News On Our Psyche

The Effects of Negative News On Our Psyche
Quote of the day:

The more wonderful the means of communication, the more trivial, tawdry, or depressing its contents seemed to be.  -Arthur C. Clarke


Each day we are bombarded with bad news. No matter how hard we try to bypass it (Sometimes I shut myself off from television, apps and or internet news), the news just keep coming. It can be said that the way we consume information has greatly changed, and as such we seem to be beset with an endless array of negativity on a daily basis and in different forms -some of which may or may not impact our emotions wrongly.

It's hard enough dealing with life. And bad news sells obviously. If bad news make you weary sometimes -then it's time to tone down and prioritize the negativity. There a lot of positive things happening around us -which is one of the reasons I started the '3 things to inspire your weekend' theme -to throw light on the good, and focus less on the negative.

In addition, bad news can sometimes be good -events that lead to actions being taken that turn to good news, for example. I guess what I'm trying to say is that we mustn't allow ourselves to get lost in all the negativity, thereby missing out on the positive of life.

So if you feel overwhelmed, stepping away from social media and T.v can make a huge difference.


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  1. Lovely reminder. I often step away from the news. I do like to keep track of worthy causes, though. There's news, and then there's news.

  2. Lindos lembretes! Ótimo domingo! abraços,chica

  3. There is good news out there. We just have to look a bit harder to find it!

  4. Absolutely agree! My friends and family know that I quit watching the news years ago, but you still get informed of anything major, regardless--on TV or the internet or people talking about it. I wish they had a "good news" news channel. That I would watch. :) The older I get the more I have gotten rid of negativity in my life--and that includes negative people, too. Life is too short and too precious. :):)

  5. Very true!!! I used to watch the news everyday on TV...sometimes two, three or more times each day. It seemed as if it wasn't for bad news, weather and sports, there wouldn't be any news shows. Now, I watch the news once a day...if that and twice if I need a good cry!!!

    I agree with Rita...I am sixty-nine years old and I need good vibes in my life. My heart cannot stand to hear of man abusing his fellow man, innocent children and animals, who try so hard to love us.

    This is why on my blog I post photos of things that are pretty, interesting or even cute or funny.

    Great post once again...thank you~


  6. I don't watch too much news. I usually go to the Yahoo news pages and pick the articles I want to read.

  7. I've stopped watching the news. I can't stand the hype and the political posturing. Too much media is detrimental to our health.

  8. Don't watch the news much here, so negative free

  9. Thanks for this one, Blogoratti, this totally speaks to what I go through. The news is something that triggers my anxiety, I try hard to avoid it, try to stay positive! And yes, taking a break is great. Sometimes you need it.

  10. Though bad things happen, many good things are around too. I find being close to God helps me deal with the bad things. : )

  11. I enjoyed this post.
    Have a great weekend.

  12. Life as it is blogoratti just life as it is ....
    Happy weekend ...

  13. In as muchbit is hard syepping away from rhem,its most times worth it..happy weekend dear

  14. Blessings....
    I try not to saturate my psyche with too much negatives that includes the news and when I engage in listening or reading the news I always have a good health scoop of feel good inspiration to strike that balance just right.

    peace and blessings my friend.
    Much love to you and yours.

  15. @Elizabeth Varadan, Author: I agree with you on that. Nice of you to visit!

    @✿ chica: Hello and nice of you to drop by!

    @The History Anorak: Hello and many thanks for your visit!

    @Rita: Well that's really good to hear, the less negativity you surround yourself with the more easier life becomes. Thanks for your comments!

    @Jan: I agree with you completely on the need for good vibes, and great to see you doing just that on your blog. Thanks so much for your comment and visit!

    @Mary Kirkland: That's a good way to prioritize your news. Nice of you to drop by and thanks!

    @Barb: Great move, nice of you to stop by!

    @Pat Hatt: Well good for you. Many thanks!

    @Bring The Needle Down.: Greetings and welcome. Its indeed great to know that you are keeping positive. Thanks and best wishes!

    @Happyone: That's really wonderful to know, more power to you. Thank you for your comment and best wishes!

    @Debbie: Hello and thanks for stopping by!

    @okala chigozie: yes indeed. Nice to see you and nice weekend!

    @glowy shoe: I agree. Many thanks for visiting!

    @Rhapsody: I think you have the right perspective, a good healthy dose of inspiration does wonders. Its nice to have you on here my friend, and nice of you to drop by. Best wishes!

  16. The bad news have affected me oo to the extent that anybody that comes near me it's a suspect.
    I am always more conscious careful and observant everytime

  17. Hello, the more time you spread position the more you get back
    Wish you a beautiful Sunday.
    Thanks for you visit.
    greetings Christiene.

  18. "what I'm trying to say is that we mustn't allow ourselves to get lost in all the negativity, thereby missing out on the positivity of life."

    Amen! And I couldn't agree with you more! Personally, I don't watch the news or spend a great deal of time on social media. I'm very selective about what I watch and read.

    Thanks so much for stopping by blog earlier. Nice to meet you!

  19. Yes! It can be overwhelming, often feeling as if we have the weight of the world on our shoulders.

  20. Oh yes! I turn off my tv from time to time. Bad news is like the new norm.

  21. Wise decision ... I haven't watched TV in months now, and do not miss it anymore ... love your posts, Mr.B ... always, cat.

  22. Good advice! We live in a complex world.

  23. Amen man.

    I have to discom every once in while
    cause it does get to be too much...

    and what passes for news these days
    is little more than entertainment
    and riling people up...

  24. I completely agree with you, that we mustn't allow ourselves to get lost in all the negativity that's out there, or in here (referring to our minds). I also agree that taking a break from social media can be very beneficial. I do that on a regular basis, myself.

    Great blog, by the way. :-)

  25. I don't watch the news. I read the newspaper sometimes. Thanks for the reminder!

  26. @bolatito fashina: Its called conditioning, try to take time off the news for a while. Best wishes!

    @christiene: Hello and its nice to have you here. Thank you for your comment!

    @Ron: Greetings to you. You are welcome and its nice of you to take time to visit, hope to see you around soon. Cheers!

    @kimmie stuckinscared: Yes indeed. Its nice to have you visit!

    @Diana Ashuayem: Good for you. Many thanks for stopping by as always!

    @^.^: Hello, appreciate your kind words and its always nice to have you here, thank you!

    @Christine: Thanks a lot!

    @X: That's the truth, nothing more than riling us all up. Nice of you to comment and stop by!

    @Audra S.: Its nice that you do that on a regular basis. Many thanks for stopping by and best wishes!

    @Nerline Germain: That's great. Appreciate your visit!

  27. It's rare to see good news anymore. Those positive, feel-good stories just get wedged into little corners.

  28. Precisely why I don't have TV and why I've stopped listening to the news. Does it matter that I'm late knowing about some catastrophe or political issue? Not at all...

  29. There's a reason I avoid network news.

  30. This is exactly what has been happening in my life. ANd being careful about what news makes its way to me has helped keep the negativity away.

  31. This is why my blog is full of
    Only every now and then will I talk about anything depressing...of course, I have to go on that infamous soap box sometimes, but not often. :)

  32. This is so true.. sometimes listening to the news can be overwhelming.. I m often scolded for avoiding the news on TV.. though I try to stay updated :)

    Have a great week ahead :D

  33. It's always nice to get away from the news for a bit, wherever you are seeing/hearing it. I find it's worse when it comes on at night after watching TV shows.


  34. I agree with you 100%. The way it is right now, it seems like there's nothing good happening. The irony is that there's more good happening than bad, in reality. But since the media focuses on mostly bad, we think it's the other way round.

    Inner Court of Relationships

  35. Great advice about taking a break from the media ~ well written also ~

    Happy Week to you,
    artmusedog and carol

  36. I often have to take a "news fast". Not only are some stories sensationalized, but repeated with an emotive spin over and over by the so-called "news anchors/journalists". I think that the manner in which the 'news' is conveyed may be nearly as important as the "news" itself.
    Angelic Soap

  37. This is one of the best post I have seen this month, I hate negative news with a passion.

  38. Congrats to the man and "Crowd-Funding"...
    And we are beset (if not besieged) with "bad" news an "misfortunes" on a regular basis.... We are still grateful for all the little things that do not go wrong... things can always be worse....
    ... a great Night of the Krampus to you and have a pleasant Feast of Saint Nicholas tomorrow, good Sir...


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