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The British Museum: An architectural Masterpiece in Photos

Quote of the day: 

While we are living in the present, we must celebrate life every day, knowing that we are becoming history with every work, every action, every deed. -Mattie Stepanek 

South Entrance, The British Museum

One of the main attractions of any town or city can be found inside its Museum. It is here that history can be revisited and new stories learned while exploring amazing artifacts and items. There is a special feeling to be surrounded by so much history as one finds in a Museum and there is nothing that compares to the feeling and experience. You tend to leave with a sense of awe and discovery.

Blogoratti -British Musuem exterior

Blogratti -The British Museum

Visiting the British Museum in London is an adventure. Founded in 1753 it was mostly based on the collections of scientist Sir Hans Sloane and first opened to the public in 1759, on the site of the current building in Bloomsbury, London.

Blogoratti -British Musuem Fore Court

At present the Museum is dedicated to human art, culture and history. With a permanent collection of over 8 million items, it is among the largest and most extensive in existence, spanning over 2 million years of human history. All world cultures under one roof, housed around remarkable architecture and centred around the wonderful great court.

Blogoratti -British Musuem Fore Court
Blogratti -The British Museum

The architecture is as interesting as the objects it houses. It consists of 4 main wings of the Museum-north,east,west, and south which was designed in the 19th Century. The core of the present day building was designed by the architect Sir Robert Smirke- in Greek revival style, in 1823 and completed in 1852. It included galleries for classical sculpture and Assyrian antiquities and also residences for staff.

Blogoratti -British Musuem South America gallery

The British Museum has 10 curatorial and research departments ranging from prints and drawings, ancient Egypt and Sudan, to Britain, Europe and prehistory all housed in an architectural landmark.

Blogoratti -British Musuem Egypt gallery

The original 1753 collection of Sir Hans Sloane has grown to over thirteen million objects at the British Museum, 70 million at the Natural History Museum and over 150 million at the British Library.

Blogoratti -British Musuem

Blogoratti -British Japanese Gallery

Fun facts

1. The oldest object in the over 8 million collection is a stone chopping tool that is nearly 2 million years old.

2. The British Museum is the world's oldest national public Museum, founded in 1753. Back then it was free to all ‘studious and curious persons’, and till today it is still free to visit.

3. The Museum got so big that two other institutions had to be created -The Natural History Museum and the British Library.

4. The Museum was one of the first buildings to use electric lighting.

5. The Museum has been a popular film set with 15 films to its name including 2014's 'Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb starring Ben Stiller. Each year around 50 film crews visit to film documentaries, and even music videos.

6. The Japanese galleries house a replica of a traditional tea house, and the Korea gallery a full size replica of a scholar's study known as 'Sarangbang'.

7. The Museum has over 6 million visitors a year visiting popular objects like the Egyptian Mummies, Parthenon sculptures and the Rosetta Stone.

For more fun facts visit the British Museum Blog.

Have you visited a Museum lately, and what did you think of the design, architecture and the objects and artifacts you found inside?

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  1. I never visited that Museum. It sounds and looks magnificent.
    The Fun Facts make an interesting read. : )

  2. Marvelous place and post thank you

  3. I would definitely love to visit here, it has been a while since we have visited any museums but never none compared to this one.

  4. I've visted it last time 2 years ago! its really super interesting and very well organized!
    London has the best museums! :)

  5. The building is beautiful. The exhibits you showed are fascinating. The second picture actually took my breath away.

  6. Great quote! Such a beautiful building. Thanks for sharing.

  7. not sure i truly appreciated it as a young kid ... but the architecture and the amazing details an adult i do take the time to notice or take lots of pics. makes you wonder if others notice all the greatness as well? makes you wanna say wake up and notice. please. great views. ( ;

  8. Never knew it had so many, damn. 2 million years old sure is older than dirt haha sure lots to see.

  9. We have visited this museum and loved it. A treasure for sure!

  10. I'd love to visit...bit of a drive for me, here in Florida :(

  11. This is one for which I didn't allow myself nearly enough time. Thanks for the fun facts and for giving us your glimpse inside!

    I went to a fun museum earlier in the month:

    A delightful lesson in social history!

  12. I have not visited this museum--I've visited a number of others but when there just knew I didn't have time.

  13. I had the pleasure of visiting the British Museum about 40 years ago. What an awesome, stunning, and jaw-dropping experience that was! If I'm ever in London again, I will return, that's for certain!

  14. The Prof and I went recently just before closing time , it was adorable

  15. How wonderful that the museum is free! If I ever get to London...

  16. I was incredibly impressed with the photos you shared, the history, and the artifacts housed at this museum. I had NO idea it was that large, that old, and FREE to visit. What an amazing place it must be. If only I lived on that side of the pond!

  17. Thanks for such an interesting visit to the British Museum. I love the photos but I didn't know the story of how the museum came to be. I visited the museum many years ago but only for a day, and there way too much to see in a day. Erika

  18. A beautiful building. Your pictures were absolutely stunning!

  19. I would love to visit this museum and I will one day along with the Victoria and Albert Museum. Some great facts here that I wasn't aware of

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  21. Two million old history of human ,that is quite an inviting fact my friend!
    I am grateful that you shared this magnificent place and loved the fun facts so much.

    I am going to promise myself that i will visit this place before leaving this world .

    whenever i visit my native city which is capital city of our country i visit to the both museums that the twin cities have there and each time my kids ask Mom why museum again?

  22. It's one of my favorites. Everytime I come to London I try to go there. I love to spend time in museum. Mind is in a freewheeling. Such places make believe in the greatness of human genius, even if reality shows us that humanity spends more time and energy to destroy than to build

  23. We visited there in 2014 because I wanted to see the Rosetta Stone. I was astounded by the crowds throughout the museum. It was a bit overwhelming.

  24. Beautiful images and wonderful commentary too!

  25. Nifty!
    __ Inspirational, Blogoratti. Time for we all, to revisit histories and see the treasures of their eyes, minds, and hands; then, spawned the now. _m

    eyes search
    histories of all that was
    we are

  26. I have never visited the British museum so thank you for the peek. inside and out lots of treasures to see. I follow a manuscript blog from the British library. Marvelous through technology that a lot of the large libraries and museums are putting their collections on line so those that are far away can visit.

  27. Love it! Happy weekend dear.


  28. This is a fantastic post! It contains so much that I love...history, artifacts and gorgeous architecture!
    I love museums! You can travel and visit places that were and are, all contained in a world of architecture that can be as old as this beautiful place!
    Thank you so much for sharing and thank you for visiting my blog today 💮

  29. I really like that quote, it has great meaning, and those photos are marvelous to see, along with the info at hand, what an awe-inspiring post, thanks for sharing, and thanks for stopping by my place as well.

  30. Thanks for the tour! I got to see something I likely never will. :)

  31. Great post, so good to see the photo's and read your words.
    Museums always provide an interesting visit don't they.

    All the best Jan

  32. We went here on a school trip when I was about 13/14, back then I didn't appreciate the building and it's contents like I would now, so would love to visit again. I do remember the highlight of the trip was sleeping in year 6 classroom when we got back very late to school.
    Amanda xx

  33. I finally saw the British Museum for the first time in February. Spectacular!

  34. I love how you put everything together, its a really nice place to visit

  35. One of the places to visit if you go to London. Sounds wonderful and it's free. Great post and information. Thank you for sharing this.
    Enjoy the day!

  36. I've been to the British museum once. My most memorable moment was when we climbed that area that simulates an earthquake. I also like the visuals that communicate how the world is going to be impacted by global warming.

    I was at the Metropolitan Museum in New York 2 years ago, and it was more mindblowing than the British Museum. Maybe it was because I went with someone.

  37. Hi Blogoratti - I was fascinated to find the detail you give us here ... some I knew but just filling out the basic skeleton helps. Oddly I was there last Sunday to see the Hokusai ... and I try and see one of the smaller rooms with specialist exhibit spaces - so I do go fairly often.

    The depth of its contents is extraordinary and the NHM's building is incredible too - their new website shows lots of fascinating architecture and thought processes ... while the British Library may be red brick - but its contents again are extraordinary.

    We are so lucky to have these organisations ... thanks for this - cheers Hilary

  38. The core of today’s building, the four main wings of the British Museum, was designed in the nineteenth century. Other important architectural developments include the round Reading Room with its domed ceiling and the Norman Foster designed Great Court which opened in 2000.


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