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Musings of mine: Rambling Mind on This and That #10

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Opera is when a guy gets stabbed in the back and, instead of bleeding, he sings. -Robert Benchley

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What Do You Think of Before Falling Asleep

Getting into bed is not the hard part but actually falling asleep is. You see there are two kinds of people in the world; those who can literally fall asleep on their feet (think Mr. Bean), and those who have a hard time sleeping. But that's another tale for a different day. It's the random thoughts that materialize from nowhere right when you get comfortable in bed that gets me. Where do they come from? The other day I closed my eyes and instead of dreamy clouds to quieten my otherwise overworked brain, I lay there thinking about how everything in that room was made by someone else. The bed frame, the mattress, the sheets, pillow cases and the duck feathers within, the carpet, wardrobe, door and door handle, walls and paint, window, blah blah blah. And although I couldn't see in the dark it didn't matter, because my brain had a 3D picture stored away and kept analyzing every piece of item in the room. I don't quite remember the last item my brain thought of before I dozed off.

Forget Me Not

Sooner or later it will happen to you. You will run into someone who you've met before and in that moment of randomness you will forget their name, even though they remember yours and even address you by it. You will blank out and a thousand names will scuttle audaciously through your mind. Thing is which one is the right one? You don't want to get their name wrong but yet you don't want to admit that you don't remember. The solution? Exchange numbers and in the process have them save their own name in your phone. And as you shake hands, hug, or whatever, look them in the eye and say nice seeing you again (insert phone saved name here).

Child Genius

There I sat stunned into silence a few minutes after stumbling on a TV show that paired a couple of so called 'highly gifted' 9-13 year-old kids against each other in the race to become Britain's 'Child Genius'. What were you doing at 9? I certainly wasn't no genius. What bothered me wasn't the fact that these kids can be said to be smarter than you and I, often answering math questions without blinking an eye or using a calculator (A sample question that was asked- Calculate the following - multiply 22 by 4, subtract 23, multiply by 6, and finally divide by 3), no, no, what bothered me was the fact that we are never satisfied and must find new ways to entertain ourselves. Soaps, documentaries, reality shows, sports, drama, kids/children shows, cookery, shopping, sitcom, animal/wildlife, music, travel/holiday, and a thousand other things to watch. Yet we still complain about being bored and not having anything to watch.

Door Man

Do you hold the door open for others? If you answered yes you may proceed with the rest of this story. On the other hand if you answered no, I'll let visitors leave comments about what your punishment should be. So if you answered yes, this goes to you. Have you ever held the door open for someone who either takes too long to get to you or wastes no time at all but does not acknowledge your effort with a simple thank you? There is a special place someone where for such folk. But let's reverse that scenario. Have you ever had to quicken your pace because some good soul plenty of feet away is holding the door for you? It is at that moment you throw pride away and run like your life depends on it.

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  1. I no longer think much before falling asleep. I used to. Then I took something for that, and now I can drift off without my brain going into that weird churning mode.

    I frequently run into people that know my name and I don't know theirs. I work in schools. I can't possibly remember ever student I come across.

    I don't care if someone doesn't thank me for holding the door for them, but I do care when I suddenly become the de facto door holder. Like, one person goes through, and then another, and then another. It's like, hey, I was planning on moving, not standing holding this door all day.

  2. I slways remember faces, not names. Rather uncomfortable. Also a terrible sleeper, though being retired I nap when I need it.

  3. What drives me nuts is that random thought that pops into my mind just as I am dropping off to sleep. It wakes me every time.
    I am terrible with names. My only daughter is 44 years old. I call her by my youngest sister's name.
    Too many of those child geniuses are simply being told to behave like performing pets. It's wrong to put them on display that way.
    I often hold the door for others. It is the right thing to do. No thanks are necessary but do make me feel good.

  4. The minute I need a name it's gone. As soon as the person walks away it's back.

  5. Door woman - Yes, I open the door for women and men who I think are older than me (I am selective!! : )) ), and I run when someone is far ahead and decides to hold the door for me. And when I don't feel like accelerating my pace, I just tell the person to go ahead and thank her/him. If I am already inside, then I hold the door regardless of age and gender!!

    Child Genius - This reminds me of the movie "Baby Geniuses" I saw with my kids. The most boring movie of them all - for me anyway! And I liked/like children's movies.

    Forget me not - That happens all the time with preteens and teenagers. They, of course, have not forgotten my name, but I have forgotten theirs after a year or two.. I remember their faces ... but their names... : (

    Falling asleep - Oh dear, I envy those people who are able to fall asleep on their feet! Yes, the thoughts, the most unexpected thoughts, the nocturnal thoughts ... where are they coming from, and why are they coming at this time?!!!

    I liked the quote as well!!! : )))

  6. I do hold the door for people whenever I can. As to not remembering names, sometimes its because you are in a different place from where you usually meet these people so there are no context clues in your brain to help you out.

  7. Oh, my gosh! What a crazy blog post! I sat here shaking my head, nodding my head, smiling!
    People should turn off their TVs and turn onto your blog!!
    I enjoyed my visit. Thank you.

  8. It's odd, I can fall asleep anywhere, if it's not the time or the place to sleep.
    I have never been able to remember people's names, at least I can remember faces, so I can smile brightly in recognition and fake it.
    There are so few programs worth watching, anymore, but watching smart kids would be right up there with watching people cook or sell vacuum cleaners.
    Before my age took me out of the running, yes, I held doors - for anyone.

  9. Door Man: Yes and yes and yes.
    Forget Me Not: One flaw in your solution. It can be kind of obvious when you don't say the name until after it's been entered on your phone. Trust me; I've been on both sides of that one.
    Falling Asleep: I'm about to try, so don't get me started or I'll be awake all night.

  10. I try not to think much once I am in bed, it might lead to nightmares or just sadness.

    I forget names but always recognize faces, which is probably a sign that I am getting old.

    Child genius - I know a couple whose son is a genius. He went to Harvard when he should still have been in high school. He works some job for geniuses lol

    I hold doors for whoever is coming after me, old ,young ,man, woman, child etc .. it isn't about the age or sex, it is just natural, or should be, to hold the door for the next person.

  11. You seem to have a lovely active brain. I have an awful time falling asleep and or to stay sleeping. I attribute it to my age. I do hold doors to people. I like your quote of the day! :) P.S. Thank you for your visit and comment!

  12. I sometimes have trouble sleeping if I have to get up early the next morning. I worry that I won't wake up in spite of my alarm. Then I can't sleep and I'm exhausted by the time I need to get up and I'm ready to go to sleep. I'm a door holder. People say thank you, but if they didn't, I wouldn't care. People often hold doors for me. In spite of the current political climate in the U.S., I still think most people are nice and polite.


  13. My husband is the type that says "time to sleep" and does. I read until I'm sleepy, then when I close my eyes... I pray. It never fails. :)

    I often can't think of names!

    I'm a door holder. And when held for me... I'll hurry!

  14. Think nice, calm, relaxing thoughts before you go to sleep ...
    I often hold the door for others, and always thank others if they do the same for me!

    All the best Jan

  15. Thankfully, I am a great sleeper. Though sometimes my dreams are rather, "interesting". I am a door holder :)

  16. I usually fall right to sleep thinking about the day or what I'll do tomorrow.

    Yes, I've forgotten names. Most times I'll just admit it and ask and just say I'm not so good at remembering names. No one seems to mind.

    When I was 9 I was having fun playing outside. : )

    Yes, I hold the door for people and yes, some take their sweet time and yes again in that I have hurried when someone held it open for me.

  17. We were raised told to hold door open for others, good Sir...

  18. Quite a post. Very enjoyable. Just before I fall to sleep I slip into a reality somewhere between.

  19. Haha, that quote is so funny! :-D

    Almost Stylish

  20. Saving each other's phone numbers - and therefore names! - is a great suggestion for overcoming that hurdle of having forgotten someone's name. It can be embarrassing, for sure!

  21. Hurry for the door? Oh yes. Or end up being door-keeper as people just keep coming and it seems rude to not.

  22. ...falling asleep is rarely a problem for me.

  23. Racing mind syndrome at bedtime used to things that didn't get done that day, things that needed to be done, planning lessons for class. A real comfy mattress has helped with racing mind and diffusing essential oils like cedarwood and orange.

    I don't think we have a genius kid show. Not into the reality shows. Give me Doctor Who any day and twice on Sunday.

    Yes, I hold the door for others. I don't think I've ever not been thanked, and yes, I quicken my pace if I'm yards away from the door that is being held for me.

  24. Frequently I quicken my pace to cross roads or to reach doors where cars have slowed to let me cross or folks are holding doors for me. I am, also, one of those people who typically can fall asleep easily. Once in a while I have problems, like this morning. But not often

  25. LOL! Great post, as always. I have to laugh, because I'm one of those people who became quite fascinated with Child Genius. I don't think of a lot of things before I go to sleep, but I have the habit of waking up in the middle of the night with all these thoughts. Sometimes I get some really good ideas, and other times, my head is packed with nonsense. (lol) Hope your day is amazing! Hugs...

  26. My brain just goes on and on many a night, nonsense to other nonsense lol I quicken my pace if one holds the door for me. If someone goes very very slow or starts yapping, pffft, no more holding the door for them.

  27. Lovely musings but your doggie photo 'steals the show' ~ so sweet ~ ^_^

    (A ShutterBug Explores)

  28. You do come up with THE most interesting subjects on your blog. sometimes they fit me and sometimes not. today every one has something for or about me. I laughed out loud at the first one. my mind when it clicks in gear at night drives me nuts. I will pick a subject and do the same as you, can't stop thinking about it. although I have never thought about the fact things were made by others.
    I retired from a company that had 700 employees, after many years there I knew the names of at least a couple of hundred people. now when I run into one somewhere, I say, I know you, Gevity, right? I am so sorry but I can't remember your name... I have done that several times.
    I do glace back and if someone is right behind me I wait until they catch the door, but if they are a few steps back I let it close, because I don't like to have to hurry when someone holds it for me... another great post

  29. I have no problem falling asleep...anywhere.

    I always hold the door for people, I like it when they speak or say thank you but if they don't that doesn't bother me. I too have gotten stuck holding the door while everyone continues to come through, my wife thinks it funny when this happens to me.

  30. Take ages to fall asleep.. often wish I had am ON and OFF button for my mind :) have definitely forgotten names of people who remember mine but somehow manage to make my way through the conversation.. yes hold doors open AND love it when it is reciprocated.. manners will never be out of date as far as I'm concerned :) Excellent post once again B :)

  31. Four great comments. The first one is the most frustrating, my husband puts his head on the pillow and he is gone, two hours later I get up and make a cup of tea and my mind still remains over active!! He gets 9 hours sleep and I am lucky if I get 5 :-((
    As for names I am lucky I remember my own LOL.
    Thanks for the kind comment, much appreciated. Have a good week Diane

  32. I really enjoyed your random thoughts today - a potpourri, for sure!

  33. Interesting thoughts and this post! Thanks for posting.

  34. Hi Blogoratti :) Funny, I immediately thought of Mr Bean lol! I have a routine each night that helps me sleep. It involves massaging my dog Jack and watching him doze off...then I play a game of solitaire and usually I'm sleepy enough at that point! Alex and I have different schedules so he comes in a few hours later to put Jack to bed downstairs then he falls asleep. He's soon as his head hits the pillow, he's out!

  35. What a great post, I enjoyed it. The first few times I ran into someone who remembered me and I didn't remember them, it was disconcerting. After a while I decided to give myself a break. I chatted, laughed, and walked down memory lane with them as I if knew who the heck they were. I didn't. But, we had a nice time talking to each other.

    About not being able to fall asleep right away...I'll leave that one alone or I'll be writing here all day.

    Love the post!

  36. Love the ending of this post. I HAVE done that, scurrying like mad to get through a door that some kind soul was holding open.

  37. I always hold the door open if someone is within reasonable distance to me. I ran into a cousin once. I hadn't seen her since we were kids and had no idea of who she was when she started talking to me!

  38. Ha ha - about holding open the door or having to run through it. I'm so tired at the end of the day, that falling asleep is no problem, thank goodness.

  39. Looks really interesting! Have a nice day)

  40. When I was working 58 hours a week, going to school every day, and driving 90 miles each day, sleep was easy. Now I sit in front of a computer most of the day, so set my own time schedule for sleep. I need very little, so short power naps seem to work for me. I've learned I can't possibly force sleep to occur.

    I hardly watch tv anymore, and seeing all the choices makes me want to disconnect even sooner. I loathe reality shows, even ones with kid geniuses (which happily haven't made it to our shores yet).

  41. What a great way to get people to talk about themselves...... I'll bite!
    1) As for falling asleep; I used to have a hard time falling asleep because I'd do all my praying at bedtime which a) would wake me up and b) would make me start thinking about all these family members and what was going on with them. I solved that by praying in the shower in the morning now. When I am sleepy I go to bed and sleep. I read a saying once that I like, it read - "Before you go to bed give all your problems to God, He will be up all night anyway." He knows what they are, I don't have to remind Him, so I just go to bed and we have our talk in the morning.
    2) As for forgetting names; I try not to but if I do it's no big deal, I just smile alot and give the person a compliment which makes then feel good and off I go.
    3) As for child genius; I certainly was one but no one recognized it. By age 7 I was reading medical encyclopedias, learning as much as I could about medicine because I wanted to be a doctor. I wanted to play the piano too. In my home children were not seen and not heard so my passions fell on deaf ears. I did the best I could and at age 50 became a Registered Nurse and worked in home care and Hospice (the closest I could get myself to being like a doctor). At age 65 I bought a antique upright piano; taught myself to read music, taught myself to play, and took the whole piano apart and refurbished it (will always be a work in progress) so it plays beautifully. Pretty genious if I must say so myself.
    4) As for door holder; this has always irked me. I always say "thank you" when someone holds a door, even when it's my own husband or grandson, never mind a stranger. It's just common courtesy and many people don't have any these days. Also, one day I said to myself that I wasn't going to hold the door for anyone and see how it felt. I was walking into a pharmacy and was about 30 ft. in front of a man and his little daughter, I didn't hold the door and heard the little girl say, "another one did it to us Daddy." Boy of boy, did I feel bad for giving that little girl the impression that all people were like that when obviously they had reason to have talked about that sort of thing. I wish I had been the example of politeness and courtesy that she needed that day. So sad.
    I do hope my lengthy comment wasn't an imposition. I never want to offend anyone.

    1. Carol, your lengthy comment is a sight for sore eyes and very heartwarming of you to share those stories, and that last one about the little girl does strike a chord doesn't it, but of course you didn't mean to have it happen that way, but it sure is a great lesson for us all. Thanks again and appreciate your visit.

  42. My new way to fall asleep is watching a crime story on my tablet and suddenly I wake up because the tablet fell on my nose. I always forget names and faces, that's awful. Apparently it's a decease, some people don't recognize their own mother. When people start to talk to me about my life and I don't know who they are it's not a nice feeling :)I think at 9 and even before and later I liked to tease adults and make jokes with them not always appreciated ! I would open and hold the door for disabled or elderly people of course. Not for a young man, lol !

  43. I often try to think of my characters as I fall asleep, because I love dreaming about the story or waking up with new ideas!

  44. I nearly always drop of to sleep without any effort, on the odd occasion that I don't then a herbal smoking mixture of valerian does the trick. Yes, I stumble with names sometimes even with faces that I know. Glad to read that I am not alone ;-)

  45. I usually say affirmations before I sleep. I actually am laying down and eyes shut and I am just saying them to myself. Always have a good sleep that way.
    I can't tell you how many times I have forgotten someones' name! LOL!
    Big Hugs!


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