Thursday, February 26, 2009

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5 Cardinal Rules for Lenders

Quote of the day:
Blessed are those who can give without remembering and take without forgetting -Elizabeth Bibesco

Ok so there are people out there that borrow things and don't return them, but who are these people and why do they do what they do...and also aren't we as well guilty of taking and not giving back..

For some, people just can't help being all nice whenever it comes to giving out right? I can't even begin to recollect all the personal things that i have given out to friends in the past and never got back. They ask if they can make use of something and i lend it to them with the thinking that they'd be gracious enough to return it on time-boy was i wrong.

The worst part is when someone borrows your stuff and forgets to return it-only for the person to come back at a later date to borrow yet another item from you. 

I've lost too many uncountable items this way, from books, money,an ipod,clothing items, like shoes and stuff that i just had to let go in the end after being frustrated -out of my own possession.  The bad part is the money aspect, borrowing money without paying back. 

We all owe one thing or another,i mean sometimes we take things that in our minds are not that relevant/germane/pertinent. Sometimes we steal one another's dreams, we take people's time,time which can never be given back. Othertimes we just say words without thinking about the effect/outcome/result it would have on that person,thereby taking away the dignity,the pride,the confidence of that individual. 

I know the Good Book says to 'give and you shall receive',but what of those that i've given unto that never returned what i gave? 

But haven't i also taken from people. Haven't i taken friendship for granted for instance,haven't i taken people's time and space,haven't i taken people's smiles and their laughter and subdued it with mine? 

We all take from one another, that's the way life goes i guess. What do you have in your possession that isn't yours? What do you have to give back to those you owe. Most times we owe people for things we can never pay back. 
Take time to ponder on the fact that we give and we take, we take and we give.  

 So here are five rules for lenders:

  • If the borrower is not aware of the value of the object, make sure they understand the value of it.
  • If the borrower is careless, you don’t have to lend it.
  • If the borrower loses or breaks the object, don’t insist on being made whole.
  • When you are better off financially than the borrower and the object breaks or is lost - as an act of charity you should forgive the debt.
  • Don’t lend to someone who can’t afford to replace it - unless you are okay with replacing it yourself.

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