Friday, March 27, 2009

Trying to read a book...What i learned this week.

I'm trying to read a book on how to relax, but I keep falling asleep -Jim Loy

Hey people. It's been a great week hasn't it? And the weekend should be more awesome i'm guessing. 

Yes it's happened to all of us at some point -falling asleep while reading either in class, the library, at home or wherever. 

Reading a book on how to relax on the other hand, and falling asleep....? Hnmmm!

Few things i've learnt this week

1. In order not to be late and be punctual for a monday meeting, i not only need to set just one alarm, but several too. One just isn't enough to lure me from sleep.

2. People will want you to solve problems for them, once you achieve this great feat, they will only keep coming back.

3. Some days are just too slow, or is it just me.

4. A smile can change things quickly. A frown can quickly change things. Does that make sense? It does to me,so don't ask!

5. People tend to forget each other easily if they stop seeing everyday. Out of sight, out of the picture it would seem.

6. People will fall asleep, if they have nothing productive to do. 

I leave you with the following quotes:  

1. Faith: not wanting to know what is true -Friedrich Nietzsche
2. You grow up the day you have your first real laugh - at yourself -Ethel Barrymore
3. Between two evils, I always pick the one I never tried before -Mae West
Have a nice weekend people!!


  1. @JustDB, is it? lol. Falling asleep while reading isn't good.

  2. you learnt something very nice.. yes some dayz are just toooooooo slow and #4 makes complete sense to me

  3. book was trying to teach you to relax you fell asleep while reading it, didn't it work? to me it worked straight out of the box

  4. sleep is a good way to relax, therefore the book has achieved its purpose(except yu are running marathon in yur dream)
    #2...I think thats why a certain wise man said "teach a man how to fish, and....."
    #3....I have heard that when days are slow, its cos you dont have enough activities packed into them, but when you think they are moving too fast, that must mean you have been soooo busy and didnt notice
    #4....thats ok, sometimes, I say stuff and it makes good sense to me, but I worry that it doesnt to others
    #5....uhhh, I think its more of out of "communication", out of picture
    #6...people will fall asleep even when they have something productive to do

    have a blessed weekend

  5. A smile can change things quickly. A frown can quickly change things. Does that make sense? It does to me,so don't ask!

    Very true. If only we remembered this all the time

  6. @BSNC,thanks for that. Though it only made sense to me. How u doing?


    @naijagirl,'a certain wise man said'..hnnnm noted!
    Some days are just too slow!! And not just because enough activities aren't packed into them..i catch ur drift though.
    yeah people will fall asleep no matter what..hehe! Take good care and have a Fab.week too!

    @TheYarner,keep those words in memory,yeah? Thanks for dropping by.

  7. I am loving the last two quotes, esp. the last one, that is how I like to think, the devil you know is boring and

    One could write and entire post about the first one but suffice it to say that I think Nietzsche is wrong!

  8. @L-VII,ah Nietzsche! I know L7, i know. lol
    Nice looking out.

  9. 5 is so true and something I have learnt but sometimes it hurts so bad....but u jus gata get over it...

    and 6 hhahaha u need to tell this to ma father's workers...gosh...those guys dey sleep ehn!

  10. P.S: wasn't Friedrich Nietzsche a Nazi?

  11. @Chari,yeah i know,one needs to get used to that!
    Friedrich Nietzsche was a philosopher, i think he died before the nazi rule...
    Thanks for checking in!


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