Saturday, March 28, 2009


Quote of the day:
Nature always sides with the hidden flaw -Murphy's Law

Have you ever been so close to getting something. 
So close that nothing else seemed to even matter.
You were so close- but in the end you failed to?

Have you ever pretended to be sick.
So sick that you had to take time off from work.
You were so sick- but in the end you got home,made a tall drink & proceeded to watch t.v?

Have you ever loved someone.
So much that being with them was a lot stronger than being all alone.
You were so in love -but in the end you didn't notice the scribbles on the walls?

Have you ever held a baby.
So tiny in your arms gazing at you with huge lovely eyes.
You were so moved -but in the end you felt reluctant to give him back?

Have you ever waited for someone.
Checking the clock every single minute as it ticked.
You were so restless -but in the end the person never showed up?

Have you ever been so troubled.
So much that it affected your sleep.
You were so worried -but in the end it wasn't even worth the trouble?

Have you ever been called beautiful.
The sort of beauty that everyone acknowledged.
You were so beautiful -but in the end you felt so ugly inside?

Have you ever....



  1. Yes to all dude....except the feigning sickness one....LOL...

  2. I found my self nodding as i read this...especially the one about waiting for people. Only one i couldn't say yes to was the the one on loving some and feigning sickness, unforutunately i have a very overactive conscience.

  3. @JustDB,haha are you serious, lol. Guess feigning sickness isn't your thing...hehe. How u doing?

    @Scarlet, sometimes you just got to punch conscience in the face you know? Just kidding! I feel you, nice looking out!

  4. Ahhh YES, to the waiting and sleep one.
    Never quite feigned sickness. And while i love holding babies, i have no trouble giving them back lol.

  5. @Repressed one, are you sure you have no trouble giving them back...i mean they are so small and cute remember? lol..nice. Thanks for dropping by!

  6. yes to most of them.. especially the baby part

  7. hmmmm
    have I? lol
    nice, nice, niiiiice
    I believe its yes, yes, yes, yes to all. did I already say yes to all?oh wait.... uhhh except....uhhh the sick part. I have feigned that in relation to school and other stuff, but in relation to work? hmmm, boy, are you trying to get me into trouble? yu wan make them read this and come give me query eh?

    I almost always willingly give back a baby, except they are older and really cute in temperament and behavior, then I can volunteer to hold onto them for one more second.

  8. @BSNC,especially the baby part uhn..yeah i know what you mean!

    @naijagirl,yes to all,yay!lol don't you worry about them giving you any query as i'm sure they are guilty as well..holding on to them for one more second is good!

  9. Im wary about feigning sickness..just what if i eventually fall sick???

    Yes to everything else.

    U write pretty well, man!

  10. @Buttercup,a case of someone shouting wolf when there's none- and the day the wolf finally decides to show up...good thing you are wary about feigning sickness..

    A yes to the others? Nice!
    I write pretty well? Aww aren't you sweet! Thank you..


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