Sunday, March 29, 2009


Quote of the day: 
Only your real friends tell you when your face is dirty -Sicilian Proverb

So i finally went for Church service today. I went after a long hiatus....long story. 
But being in the midst of all that music and praise got me thinking about all what i had been missing. It felt good, and the word was even better. 

I picked up many things from that service, and one of the things that's still stuck in my mind are the words, 'we all started from small beginnings'.....

Where you are today, is a sharp contrast to where you were years ago. That is deep!

So monday is here once more, and the weekend is over with. 
This new week my goals includes:  

1. Writing out plans for the week in my to-do-list software. It's always the first thing i see on my desktop to remind me of what i need to carry out during the week. 
2. Call someone just to check up on them. Someone i haven't spoken to in a while.
3. Blog. lol. Read up on latest news.
4. Make a difference -one person at a time. Put a smile on someone's face.
5. Be disciplined. Focus more. 
6. Create time to read for upcoming professional exams.
7. Make the most out of everyday. Learn something new. We all have unlimited potential.
8. Music. Keeps me going all day.
9. Motivate myself. No one else will anyways! And all other impromptu stuff...

Have a great week people !!


  1. LOL... Guess the time away only makes us feel the need more keenly..Nice stuff u have planned for the week tho.. Might glean a few items off it.. Thanks for sharing dude....

  2. @justDB,true words about the time away....
    My to do list is loaded, right? lol. Thanks for the heads up, glad you found a few things to take from it !!

  3. you have a wonderful plan for the week. i think am about to add some of your plans to mine( hope you don't mind lol)

  4. very good list. you just inspired me to put a smile on someone's face too and also to call someone just because. someone i haven't talked to in a while. someone once told me a story about how he called this girl he hadn't talked to in years and she told him that just befor he called, she was about to put some poison in her and her baby's food.

  5. hmm Blog, some good friends will not tell you about the dirt on your face....rather they find a way to like the dirt and tell you how beautiful you look with the dirt on.

    Its good to be in an atmosphere of worship...its nice to know that when you think back to where you were and where you are realize God has been faithful, even when you were unfaithful

    uh! uh! me, me me, call me, call me. check on me, me me me....just kidding. nice list you got there....I would hope you accomplish all before the week runs out. have a wonderful week

  6. Hmmmmmmm,what a list!
    All in a week???
    Hope you end up doing all.
    thx 4 stopin by ma blog and sorry for the lg delay.

  7. @BSNC, of course i mind.....NOT! lol. Ah m kidding, sure you can add 'em to yours!!

    oh my bibi that story is deep! Talk about right place at the right time. Good thing he called her before she did something stupid.
    Glad i could be of inspirational help..hehe. Thank you!

    @naijagirl,hnnnm if good friends can't tell me about dirt on my face and all -i think i'd move them away from the good list to the black list. lol
    Yes it's good to be in that atmosphere,and keep hoping today to do better than yesterday!

    lol@uh! uh! me, me me..don't worry we'd work that out between ourselves...hehe.
    And yeah I hope to accomplish them all before the week runs out too..
    thanks for the lookout, Nice week!

    All in a week's job o,lol.
    As per the long delay,it's alright. Guess you've been busy at school. All the best this week. Ciao!

  8. Lovin' the list...can I pinch part of it?

  9. Oh sure Penelope, you can pinch all you want...
    Thanks for stopping by!!
    Nice week!

  10. very good list. i strive to do # 2,4,5,6,7 on a daily basis. And your quote of the day is very true...a modification: only your real friends will tell you when you have a an eye/nose

  11. @diane,lol at your modification...
    Nice to know that you strive to do some of those things..kool!

  12. *sighs*

    I havent been to church in so long..

    All the best with ur plans for the week. Is it too early to ask how its going so far??

    Good luck in ur exams!

    The quote for the day is quite on point..

  13. @Buttercup,you too? Hope you'd be able to attend service soonest..
    And no it's not too early to ask how the plan is going -i'm getting there at least. Thank you for the exam wishes,appreciate that!!
    Nice having you on here.


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