Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Quote of the day:
Who are you going to believe, me or your lying eyes? -Groucho Marx 

Today i am going to try my hands at blogging on these two words: What If? 

For all those moments when things didn't go as planned, and i thought what if? I know everyone has experienced that 'what if' moment, i mean i know i have. What if i hadn't done this or that, would things have been better off? What if this hadn't happened, what if,what if,what if???
The thing is no one can predict the future-except that man upstairs. 

So here goes,my attempt at 'what if'? (and hey, don't laught at me!).

What if 
there were no internet
no tangled webs to weave?

What if 
we all could read each other's minds
would there be much lesser crimes? 

What if
men gave birth instead of women
in who's possession would be the hymen?

What if 
we were all gay 
with straight people being so few today? 

What if
lying was the only truth 
would you forgive my half truths

What if
life was not life afterall
but just a dream...

What if !!


  1. Love it!! 'in whose possession would be the hymen'

  2. It will be nice if it were men given birth to babies (lol).

    Reading people mind will really lead to a lot of killings I think (lol)

    If there were no internet. Hmmm we will continue writing letters (lol)

  3. @ flabby,in whose possession would you prefer it to be?? hehe.
    @StandTall-The Activist,men and babies..hnmmm i'm pretty sure we can handle all the baby cries and nappy changes..
    Reading people's minds would definitely lead to a lot of things and yes-no internet? Give me a pen and paper. lol

  4. nice piece. There are many what if's in life but if we all relied on it....
    what if has brought about depression
    what if has brought about new inventions
    we just gotta find the right what if

  5. What if? hmmmm men just can't give birth!!! LOL
    except we're bringing "needles" and not "heads" into the world.. lmhao!!

  6. ooh i would love it if men could be pregnant...i would go back in time and knock up all my exes!!!

    nice post

  7. @naijagirl,yes the right ones always makes sense. Thank you for that!
    @Ochuko,What a woman can do a man can do bigger! lol.
    @wordmerchant,you would do that wouldn't you? lol


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