Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Quote of the day: 
Earth changes, but thy soul and God stand sure -Robert Browning 

So it's 3 months of blogging for me today, and i feel like i've been doing this for like 'forever', if you know what i mean. Okay you don't, ahem! So thanks to everyone that's ever visited my blog -and also thanks to those that were able to leave comments -appreciate that.

It's one of those days where you feel like you are god -looking inside your round and tiny world full of people, and checking in on what everyone is doing. Amazing, but i am no GOD. 

Today i wore a tailored grey suit to work, i caught a few stares here and there, and did i mention that i have started working out again? (quick check- i never did mention that before,oops!). Yea, i errr stopped like mid last year. lol. FLASHBACK -I was into the whole exercise and protein powder thing. You know, i'd work out say like 3-4 times a week, various exercises in alternating sets, and after each workout i'd mix up my protein shake in the blender -a combo of milk/ice cream/youghourt, cheese/peanut butter, bananas,an apple, and some other stuff i can't even recall, and finally two tea spoons of protein powder. My determination was unbelievable, as i worked out after getting up early in the morning- drank my protein shakes and repeated same in the evenings after work. I did this for about 6 weeks...i mean my calorie intake was 3500-4500 a day !!, when all of a sudden i lost steam and then everything just fizzled out from there...lol. My only consolation was that i gained a few pounds-and muscle !

Alright so i started working out again this week, where my motivation came from i don't know -one thing i do know is -boy do my legs hurt from doing all those squats ! But after just 2 days i feel the extra burst of energy already-improved concentration and mood amongst others.  If you are reading this, working out is a good way of keeping in shape, reducing depression and anxiety, boosting confidence, strenghtens your hearts and your lungs, promotes better sleep- i mean there are so many positive reasons for working out. So go ahead and start today if you can, better to be in shape than out of shape, right? Good luck!


  1. I need exercise in my life! not to build muscles et al ( which girl wants muscles?) but to keep in shape, improve concentration, mood etc all the reasons you listed out. *sigh* Laziness is a b**ch

    n i can't believe you drank a mixture of milk/ice cream/yoghurt/cheese/peanut butter/ bannanas/apples ??!! apart from the outrageousness of the calories, how did it taste?

    thnx 4 stopping by n commenting on my blog :)

  2. lol @ tiwa.
    I dunno i must have been overly determined that i drank nearly everything i could think of...it wasn't that bad though, just a small mix of fruits and protein. Yum! lol
    Thank you for checking in too !!

  3. my own predicament is that i cant even start i the first place. just plain lazy. i ll keep on trying to start.. nice post

  4. Hey O.B,

    How are you doing man? Your artistic touch is all here for everybody to see.

    On working out, I need to have a regime as well. Jogging will be pretty difficult for me, but I need to get going, if not, that is pot belly beckoning.

    Nice one man. Take good care of youyrself

  5. Just keep trying, i am pretty sure you'd get the motivation you need soon. Starting is the hardest part believe me,after that it's pure bliss(okay maybe not,lol).Don't give up though!!
    Thanks for dropping by.

  6. Nice artwork in the header here.. Is that personal work of yours?

    You're a three month old blogger means your a month my senior! Hope you're enjoying it?!

    Exercise..?! Uhm.. Thanks but no thanks.. The wii comes in handy though.. ;)

  7. @babajidesalu, jogging would be nice, lol@'pot belly beckoning'.
    @brownskinaijachic, starting is really the hardest part!!
    @ RocNaija, personal artwork? Now that'd be real nice, but unfortunately, errr no it's not. hehe.
    lol@ 'the wii comes in handy..'
    Yesss i'm actually finding blogging to be therapeutic or something-i'm sure you do too..

  8. ok ok you have convinced me, i am off to the gym.....uhh, who am i kidding? I need more than motivation, but in my own defense, i dance....

  9. Nice advice might just hit the gym soon for the first time this year too

  10. congrats on 90!!
    as per the build-up and protein sturvs.. hmmm.. well me i no fit oooo!!!
    but exercising is good though!
    blogoratti bigiano!! LOL

  11. @naijagirl, dancing is a form of working out-i think, so you are off the hook for now. lol
    @Dabizniz, alright so we are in the same boat with the whole 'first time this year' thing. Go for, you can do it !
    @ochuko,thank you for the message! Exercise is definitely good..but you know that already!!

  12. eeemm... seems like u're really into yourself? lol!!

    Keep working out. I need to get back on track. Right now i just try and watch what i eat and also quantity.

    If the girls out there are anything like me- i love me some nice slim fit guy. keep up the hard work. :)

  13. @Tigeress,i'm so into myself,you can tell right? hehe.
    My plan is too keep working out and not get lazy again,and yes you do need to get back on track yourself even though you watch what you eat!
    Guys,you heard the lady-nice and slim fit wins the day,lol.
    Thank you so much for the comments.


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