Monday, March 30, 2009


Quote of the day:
The union of a want and a sentiment -Honore de Balzac

She called. 

we fought. she dropped.

day 1.

day 2.

day 3.

day 4. 

she called. 

I ignored. 

She called x6

Do i pick. do i not...

Day 7.

Still calling. 

..and calling

I finally pick.

Through thin lines

She says 'i'm sorry' !!


  1. hmm interesting, so what did you say to her when she said she was sorry...

  2. Bros you harsh oh!

    I would have probably said sorry first..

    It's never really worth it when you look at the biger picture..!

  3. Meanwhile I just noticed my blog isn't updating in your blogroll..

    Use this link below..

    That'll work!

    Many thanks!

  4. Dang bro! talk about silent treatment...

    But yea I think hanging up [if i gathered correctly] on anyone is one of the rudest things ever...i fit cut persin walahi...

  5. I thought fronting was a female's turf? Lol....but yea, u must have been really hurt. Sowee. At least she apologized eventually..

  6. Dude..u were posing for the girl? Easy o....That was real walling off...

  7. Just remember that table will turn on time, we may be reading that you called her for the one millionth time on twenty-5th day of the month and she still won't pick...

  8. @BSNC,yeah i had to was thinking it would stretch to a 15-day unbeaten run..nah i'm lying!

    @Roc,lol. Harsh? Hmmmn, i'd like to think of it as giving a little space, a little time out, a little...
    Yeah i noticed that about your blog too, thanks for the heads up!
    @RepresedOne,yes!! you are right on the money about that. Not too sure about the cursing part
    @Buttercup, it's not called fronting for us guys, rather it's more like getting in touch with our inner spirits'..hehe!

    @JustDB,good advice, err next time i'd lessen the number of days to just 2. That ok? lol. I kid, i kid.

    @KemiP,lol that is so funny, twenty-5th day of the month...Ah i hope karma isn't listening.

    Thanks guys.

  9. awwwwww....
    but u harsh sha!

  10. nd i tagged u with the honest crap still havent done it o!!

  11. lol@ but u harsh sha..
    But Gee you know i had to do what i had to do....Honest crap award,oooh i almost didn't remember that-thanks for the heads up!

  12. what the heck? why does she have to be the one calling for that number of days?....was she a family member? 'cos 'cos, if she was not...heeey, heeeey...I am yet to digest that she did the calling while "you" did the ignore...*mchew*

  13. @naijagirl,thought you had my back. lol. Anyways,i already dedicated a post and a song to all those i've wronged....Abeg no vex for me o,hehe!

  14. Very good....I love it...simple but effective.....

  15. @babajidesalu,why thank you and nice of you to drop by!!


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