Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Quote of the day:
Stop the habit of wishful thinking and start the habit of thoughtful wishes -Mary Martin

The week is moving so fast, and my plans are going accordingly in that same direction-i think. 

It's funny how life progresses so fast, yet time moves so slow. 

Time is everything...our goal in life includes always making the best use of it.. 

One can take back words said in the heat of an arguement.
One can amend mistakes made blindly. 
One can move from being broken hearted to being in a relationship again. 
One can do so many things....so many possibilities. 

But yet one thing you can't take back is time. 

We all dream of getting on that time machine and going back in time-to change a thing or two from the past.....but it'll never happen.

If you were to go back in time, what would you change? Even if that were to be possible, means the future too would have to change...

What time is it?

P.s -for all the people that i have wronged in the past  *if you are reading this,that is*, and for the those that felt i was a bit harsh with me decisions in my previous post,lol...

And seeing that i can't teleport back in time to right my wrongs,i'm leaving you all with a piano cover of OneRepublic's - Apologize  done by my man -David Sides (too talented).  Enjoy!

Man i wish i had paid more attention when taking piano lessons.  Anyone here know how to play like that? Wouldn't mind the lessons. lol.

Have a great week people.


  1. okay am first. if i had to go back in time. i will change alot, but i guess everything happens for a reason , so i will leave it at that.

    i love that song: its tooo late ah ah ah

  2. ok, ok, enough, since you are begging me uncontrollably to forgive you....i guess i will forgive you, so uhm.... I accept your apology.
    sometimes, you cant take back words said in a heated argument
    uh, uh...you can change back time...I'll show you how. Just go to your clock and switch the hour/minute hand back...yay, you just changed time and just arrived late for some appointment.

    since, we cant change yesterday, why dont we try to live better today to make a great tomorrow....just a thot

    hey....how come you just posted the piano cover...how are we to hear the words to your apology *mchew*

  3. First, I told you not to be scared again.. I've forgiven you!! lol
    Secondly, men and their 'ego', it took you a whole post just to apologize? LOLZ..
    I agree with naijagirl's tot on living better today for a gr8r tomorrow.
    Lastly, the year's really moving so fast..Nice quote too.

  4. I'd prefer RKelly's take on "if I could turn back the hands of time.."

    But i've always had funny taste in music..lol..

    PS.. Roc forgives you as well.. Fret not.. ;-)

  5. Well said,time is of great value in our lives....
    Love the video..

  6. @BSNC,yeah everything happens for a reason, 'nuff said'.

    @naijagirl,ah isn't that sweet, she finally accepts my apology,hehe.
    lol@'just go to your clock...' Live better today to make a better tomorrow...hnnnm,nice!

    @Ah Ochuko, thought you went MIA, yeah it took me a whole post-there i said it. lol

    @Roc,funny taste in music uhn, mehn tell me about it. Okay no more fretting for me...hnnnm hmnn!

    @My World,hey Spesh, thought you went MIA on me like Ochuko, but hey nice having you around.

  7. for the longest time, i always thought "blogoratti" was female.

    this is my first time here, but I'll accept ur apology for one future wrong that you're going to do.

  8. The world is filled with such ample opportunities, but the way we go about accomplishing them is important...cos we can't get back time wasted.

    This is an important reminder for my life right now. Thanks :)

  9. @bumight, you're so sure of the future wrong? LoL
    @Blogoratti, I have endowed you with the Honest Scrap awards, so you better do the Rules - visit my space for the rules!

  10. This makes to you a sweet and reasonable person. And since we cant turn back the time or change the past, we can concentrate on making the present better

  11. @bumight,for the longest time uhn..*now u know better*,lol.
    Aww nice having you on here.
    Ahem future wrong(s) you meant..*wink*


  13. @exschoolnerd, awww that's so sweet of you and thanks for showing up on mine's.Much luv!

  14. @Jaycee,we definitely can't get back wasted time..we can make better use of it starting now!!
    It's a reminder for us all, thanks.

    @ochuko,oh no you didn't. lol. That's the 2nd scrap award in 2 days-first one was from Gee(thanks Gee)...hnnnm i really need to get around doing it don't i?
    Lets keep our fingers crossed ** thanks for the heads up!

    @StandTall-The Activist,you flatter me with words,thank you!
    I'm all for making the present better,for a greater tomorrow.

    Thanks guys*

  15. I fell in love with the song the first time I heard it. It's lovely.
    Lol to naijagirl and ochuko.
    LOL!! Like bumlight, I THOT U WERE FEMALE too! :-) Gess its bcuz there are lots of female bloggers.

    And thanks for stopping by.

  16. @Cidersweet, yeah that is one lovely song..
    Oh no you didn't,lol. You thought i was female too? Sigh*
    Good thing i put up that pic..


  17. I can yaay! I'll teach you...

  18. I forgive you too, but dwellng on what ifs can harm the what nexts.

  19. @Miss Lowlah,hnnnm you think?

  20. Blogoratti - I love this post and you brought forward so many true and deep points about life itself. My life has been very turbulent and I have made choices that lead to me sacrificing a lot - but I still don't believe in thinking what if. I'm here today and I can't change it, and I am the person I am today for it. At the same time, of course when we do bad things we'd like to take it back or turn back time, but we can't. I believe that the best thing one can do when doing a mistake is 1)Realising it and admitting it 2)Apologize and try to make amends 3)Learn from it.
    We all wish we could turn back time sometimes, unfortunately we cannot, but hopefully through life we learn enough lessons in order to not make those mistakes that make us want to turn back time in the first place..I hope I make sense, lol.

  21. if only it were possible.. *sighs*

    um..u've done nothing to me, but u r forgiven anywayz..lol..

  22. @Adaeze,you seem like a strong hearted person who's had her own fair share of life...
    Yes you did make a lot of sense. People often say history repeats itself-but that's only for those that haven't learned from the past*
    Keep staying strong,thanks.

    Thank you at least for forgiving!

    Thanks people*

    April 4, 2009 7:05 PM



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