Thursday, April 02, 2009


Quote of the day:
To imagine the unimaginable is the highest use of the imagination. -Cynthia Ozick

I just wonder. 

When one speaks the truth at times, for some it bears a striking resemblance to a lie.  
And when you lie, you are seen to be telling the truth..

So for us to understand one another i need to lie. 
And why not? 

You ask questions. 
I answer them all.  
You say, no i can't believe that, you are lying to me...
First all, you see i'm tired.

Tired of always defending my words.
Tired of the truth and that's no lie.
Tired of it all. 

So now with you lying comes easier for me.
In the pursuit of happiness i lie.
I lie. So that truth can come forth. 
Truth died a long time ago, and you went for the funeral.

Lies, you see it's the only thing you'll believe. 
Only thing you'll understand. 
Truth was murdered, it was a lie that had set it up.

My Truth = Your Lies...



  1. yay am first. finally am first this month

  2. interesting post, but i don't think the truth is murdered. i thought truth went to the hospital and it recovered..

    you are kind of right though..."When one speaks the truth at times, for some it bears a striking resemblance to a lie. And when you lie, you are seen to be telling the truth". i feel you on that

  3. To imagine the unimaginable is the highest use of the imagination.

    I concur. I suspect you are trying to imagine how lies can become truths in this post. But the truth will always come out...somehow! Lol.

  4. i love dis...its words!
    i just like it...ok found d words...its intelligent!

  5. Oh wow! this is kind of sad. And it is kinda true how life can be stranger than fiction, It's easier to believe a lie cos the truth seems unreal.

    "My truth = Your Lies" That's deep and yet so sad.

    Nice post!

  6. this makes so much sense..very introspective and reflective.

    the truth=lies paradigm is also reversible.
    hearkens to the idea that some truths become lies (and vice versa) in life esp in some aspects of human relationships the truth can be just well unbelievable, too real to swallow. So we create versions of the truth to make it easier to go down, often appearing harmless, sometimes the little "white lies" become the easier way not to hurt someone's feeling.u lie until it becomes truth. u do it till it becomes easier. sounds cliche, but lets face it most ppl can't handle the truth...thats why our mothers keep telling us we are beautiful even when we are not, eventually the lie becomes truth, we listen to what we wanna hear. it becomes what ever it is we want it to be.

  7. Is this true????

  8. someone muttered similar words the other day and it got me thinking a lot about lies and truth.
    Blog, do we continue to lie then 'cos the lie is believed as truth and truth believed as lie?

  9. @BSNC,where have you beeen? Thought you went MIA on me...Yes of course you treated truth at the hospital right? lol...i kid
    Yay! I'm right(which one is kind of,hehe). You feel me on that? Nice!

    @Jaycee,your suspicion is right which in turn means its wrong,haha!
    Nah i'm just playing, you right though about truth always coming out..

    @Gee,yeah. You love it?
    I am madly intelligent Gee *in a sexy voice* lol.

    Repressed One,merci,merci.
    Sad but yet deep like you said, and thats the truth-no lie.
    Thank you for dropping a line.

    Woa, that was some deep stuff C.C,we listen to what we want to hear....hnnnnm,lies become whatever we want it to be...that part right there-blew me away*

    @Ochuko, it's true o. lol

    @naijagirl,like my girl CC said,most people can't handle the truth. But then do we continue to lie you ask? I say do we coninue to defend our truths?
    I dunno what the others think ...

    thanks guys*

  10. What is truth though?
    the value of truth is only there if people believe it to be true
    otherwise it is meaningless
    If someone believes you cheated
    even if you didnt
    the 'real' truth makes no difference, for we all choose what our 'truth' is

  11. @ Miss Definitely Maybe,some people can't handle the truth and we all choose our own truths,'nuff said'.
    Good to see you on here!

  12. Omo,I tire oooo. I find it hard to tell some1 to his face that he/she is lying but 4 others its like there is no truth but theirs....
    Truth is a good thing thou...

  13. @ My World,truth is good no doubt* and that's no lie..

  14. Quoting James Morrison: "The truth hurts but lies worse":)

    Thanks for stopping by,feel free to discuss music with me anytime!

  15. @TayneMent,liking that morrison quote...
    Oh word? I'd luv to discuss music anytime,so i'll hit you up real soon..Nice having you on here!


  16. @ Miss FlyHigh - LondonsNaijaQ,i see you ,appreciate the comment.
    Much Luv*

  17. Hmm this is deep but I have a problem with you telling someone what they wanna here if it represents a lie. We should not let any Judas change who we are. Always stick by the truth no matter how hard it is.

  18. very interesting post. I think the lines between truths and lies become blurred only when we allow them to.
    By the way, your last comment on my blog made me

  19. lol @ "your suspicion is right which in turn means its wrong"

    I agree with Gee though, this is rather {for lack of a better and more descriptive word} intelligent. I read it twice and I'm still not sure if I understand it.

  20. @Parakeet,i understand where you are coming from... we should always be ourselves and stick to the truth no matter what..I just wish the people who can't handle the truth would realize that!

    @*Diane*,yes i think those lines only become blurred -because we allow them to!
    About that comment:
    :-)Thank you** meant every word too,hnnnm hnnnnm!!

    Aww that's great,i'm sure you are not the only one who's got to read it over and over again..same here,lol.

    thank you guys*

  21. I read this when I was in a rush at work. I had to go home and read it again.
    This was so deep. You're quite a philosophic one too. But I love the way you put it into words. This is a true artpiece, and a real one too.
    I realised that the truth is very often painful a long time ago.
    This piece touched me particularily, because it reminds me of whats been said to me before..I've always chosen to consciously tell the truth and I've found out that it's a tough road to choose. A lot of people resent you for it because the truth sometimes hurts. It's important to be gentle but often ur not doing anyone a favour by sugarcoating it.
    Anyway ill stop rambling- thank u for this great post it went straight 2 my heart!

  22. WAKE UP, TRUTH. WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    this post has a sad/angry tone to it..

    i agree with the quote..

  23. @Adaeze,
    Oooh! You flatter me with words*
    It's great to know that you can relate to it all..the truth is always a tough road to choose,and it sometimes hurts like you said...
    but i guess truth always wins in the end,no?
    Thank you for that,and no you weren't rambling*

    @ Buttercup,you are cracking me up seriously!!


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