Sunday, April 19, 2009

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Quote of the day:
Some desire is necessary to keep life in motion -Samuel Johnson

So far so good... 
Eventful week i must admit, and short too....

Nevertheless, my head is held up high as i accomplished all my plans...
keeping in touch with family+ friends, getting enough sleep, ...  -just to mention a few...

I also started reading a book -haven't done that in a while...
Thanks to everyone who recommended one for me...

Book: Everything's Eventual
Author: Stephen King
About: 14 short (dark) stories 

This week my plans are going to include the following: 

1. Focus, focus, focus. Remove all distractions..

2. Smile and laugh at myself more.

3. Help someone in need.

4. Celebrate more each day. Little things i enjoy.

5. Dream dreams.

6. Blog.......and blog

7. Call a friend. Somone i haven't spoken to in a long while.

8. Eat healthy, exercise and keep thinking positive thoughts

That sums it all up for my new week....
It's a new week...who says you can't be incredible??...

Remember be whatever you want to be in remarkable.
Have a remarkable week. Be you. Be a dreamer.

Current listen : Kanye West -Amazing 


  1. yes me too. i need to try and focus, focus and focus

    wonderful plan as usual

    i think i am first.. cool

  2. Hope you achieve all your goals this week hun.

  3. Nice stuff dude.... Calling that friend might make all the difference as I found out last week!!

  4. Blogo Blogo, infact I think I want to add inspirational speaker as the 2nd career I am choosing for you. I didn't see look into spoken word poetry class as something on your list, take my hadvice o.
    have a great week!

  5. #2 sounds like something i need too.
    Enjoy your week,man...

  6. @BSNC, Focus-don't we all need it...thanks*
    Great week!

    @Miss Lowlah,thank you for that -have a nice week okay*

    @JustDB,i hope the call makes a whole lot of difference like yours did, thanks for dropping by*

    @ *Abeni*,awww i see you,inspirational speaker-that's got a nice ring to it...
    I'm thinking of your advice o,lol*

    @ Dee Brighton, hey i see you too..have a good week,yeah*

    @My World, yes you do need to smile at yourself more...nice!

    Have a cool week people!

  7. Plan and execute.
    Vayo con Dios amigo.

  8. awww....I love this list.
    help, me, me
    Stephen King?.....uhhhh, horror
    have a wonderful week

  9. Hold on a sec..
    How did you get on with last week's??
    We demand some accountability... :-D

  10. @ cerberus,plan and execute...hnmm very well said.
    Have a lovely week!

    @Naijagirl, you are cracking me up...well we all need help don't we?
    Hnnmmm.. any mention of Stephen King and first thing that comes to mind is horror eh? lol
    Have a nice week, thanks*

    @Roc,accountability uhn,lol*
    Well i think i did account for the previous week in this post....or something*

    Lovely week everyone*

  11. You just reminded me to stop bloghopping and get back to my work...

    Hadn't heard Kanye's song. Thanks for sharing.

  12. sounds like a great plan to me. I could use a few cues from them.

  13. @ SOLOMONSYDELLE, bloghopping uhn,hehe...
    Great of you to drop by and do have a lovely week*

    @ *Dith*, do feel free to use a few from them, thanks*

  14. I should try to do #7 much often...I guess it is never to late to begin.

  15. so far so good :D

    Have a good week.

  16. You have a great week as well

  17. @Kémi Penélopê, yes indeed it's never too late and you have a good week*

    @ TayneMent, So far so are you?
    Have a lovely week*

    @ Nice Anon, thank you*

  18. great plans, thanks for inspirations :-)

  19. @Adaeze, thanks appreciate that...Much Luv!
    And have a great week all through!!

  20. Always love an organised guy, enjoy yourself, focus focus focus :)

  21. @Cappuccine Baby, Hey thanks and will sure*
    Have a good week.

  22. Hello Blogoratti,

    Very focused. I like that. Most importantly you have written it down. Very encouraging. Thanks

  23. good luck achieving these new goals..

  24. @babajidesalu, Yes wriing them down is the frst step..and thank you very much. Do have a lovely week*

    @Butter, hey thanks. Nice week!


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