Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A Friend Amongst Many

Quote of the day:
A single rose can be my garden... a single friend, my world -Leo Buscaglia

A little touch...
If you are not here

the moon the stars...
they dont mean  much.

Truth is? Life is timeless
We eat... 
we fight we sleep... 
but occasionally we grieve

A little hope...
people starve -no food  
people leave - so soon

But with you
life is more meaningful...
dozen roses in a centerpiece...
no fights, just an inner peace.

Call a friend now.....
call your friend...Old or new 
let them know you admire them. 

Remember to have a great and eventful week !!


  1. nice poem. infact i'm dialing a friend's number now now..

    you have a wonderful week too

  2. Nice one. In fact, I'm calling old friends righht now. lol

  3. BSNC, where did you come from na?

  4. Thank you my friends..i see there's no need calling you guys,hehe!

    @CBaby, i see you..glad you approve*

    @BSNC, Awww that's the whole idea...so err how many have you called *

    @ Bibi, oh you didnt see her coming uhn,hehe!
    Nice one, hope they appreciate that call*
    Nice weeek ladies*

  5. I admire you. There, done :)

  6. i slept off oo.. i just spoke to two of them before i typed this note.(i try now)

    lol bibi i should be asking you that question

  7. @Miss Lowlah,oh you flatter me...thank you*

    @ BSNC,alright you did try...and you felt great afterwards i presume? Nice!

  8. Refreshingly reawakening!!!

  9. awwww nice..

    i love Corinne Bailey Rae..

    *thinks of who to call*

  10. Beautiful poem!
    and Enchantment is one of my fave songs....i'm off to do my interpretive dance that comes along w/ that song..lol

  11. You got me on this one. Not a lot of neosoul in the library.

  12. Corinne rocks..

    You made me tear up, i'm missing my friends a lot (now i got some calls to make)

  13. @Freddie, hello there,glad you find it refreshing.. many thanks for dropping by*

    @Butter, oh you do uhn...nice!

    @*Diane*, oh you too? Hnnnnm!! It's a great song, yeah! And what dance would you be doing again? ..hehe*

    @TayneMent, Ah i finally did uhn? You need more of that neo soul...hit me up if you need ideas*

    @Gochi, awww call them up already....hehe. And yeah she definitly rocks..thanks*

    Thank you guys*

  14. Ehya...did u write this poem or u copied and pasted it? lol
    very nice.
    I cannot lie, I'm not going to call old friends now lol, but il try to do it later sha. hehe and only because you have indirectly asked me to.

  15. Blogoratti,

    I hope you have plans to compile these poems into a booklet. Something the size of a readers digest.....hmmmm, it could be "Poems Digest"? Why not?

    That is how good you are.

    God bless...keep on inspiring....could not believe you were not on my blogroll, I have since added.

    You earned it. I wasn't just been kind or nice.

  16. Like babajidesalu I hope you will compile your poems. This was so beautiful once again. And refreshing.

  17. "We need a friend, we need someone we can talk to... no man is an island" this is one of my favorite M. W.Smith songs.
    Life is so sweet with good friends.

  18. @Penelope, Ehya i did write the poem,lol..
    Ang great thing that i indirectly asked you...so you'll let me know how that call went right?

    @babajidesalu,yeah those old plans that i used to have,sigh*
    But who knows,why not? like you've rightly said...thank you for that*
    Really appreciate you taking time out to compliment my work..many thanks.

    @Adaeze,hnnnnm aren't you a breath of fresh air-thank you so much*

    @Cidersweet, no man is an island, very well said...nice! Thanks for dropping by..*

    Thank you.

  19. beautiful, just beautiful
    old friends are hibernating

  20. I liked this, and I usually get bored with poems. Nice...
    As per that quote by Leo B, funny I have a little desk calender of quotes and sayings, and that was the quote for one of the days last week I believe.

  21. @naijagirl,thank you for that..lol@old friends hibernating-wake them up o!

    @Original Mgbeke,glad that you liked it...was it the quote for one of the days last week? Nice!
    And hey i want that desk calender,hehe!

  22. Thats was off the hook,the Leo quote...muah..
    The poem...muah...
    Thanks 4 sharing.

  23. @ My World,glad you approve...
    Thanks for your words, appreciate it all*

  24. @Mr. Writer,good to hear that,taken well sounds more like it..!
    Lovely of you to drop by*


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