Friday, April 24, 2009

One Step at a Time..

Quote of the day:
Anything one man can imagine, other men can make real -Jules Verne

For everyone that has ever made a comment on this blog -aprreciate it all, nice looking out..
You all are too many to mention...but you know yourselves!

So lately i've been thinking...
about that line...that perimeter
that boundary...

That border that seperates called limitations in life
I surprise myself every now and then....
breaking the shackles of limitations...

you will never achieve anything'...

words from a mere mortal.
consistently i've been on the rise eversince..

With head held up high always.
a bird flying away from stormy weather...
a star hidden behind drifting clouds.

I'm a learner still...
never been one to follow the crowd.
if i did how would i ever express my individuality?
how would i ever find myself...

So lately i've been thinking...
in my happy place....where i go for healing...for freedom.

So if the words you speak were ever to blot out the sun...
i'd be underneath the with my thoughts my happy place.

Current listen :
Jill Scott -Golden


  1. nice writeup :)

    everyone has their own individual happy place, they just need to find it :)

  2. Yes we all need to find that happy place...true!

    You probably found yours too,right?

  3. Very true.....
    well written indeed.

  4. i like that quote... hopefully i will make mine real

    i'm still a learner too. Don't we all learn something new everyday..

    nice poem

    i am living my life like its golden...nice song

  5. It's a real thin line..

    Nice one..

  6. @My World,true indeed...many thanks*

    @BSNC,Everyday..something new to learn about life and people*
    That's a feel good song anyday..nice!

    @Roc, thing line no doubt,thanks bro.

  7. @Blog
    found mine yet ke, well, Im not too sure sha :P

  8. Nigerias got talent, i am impressed.

  9. 'Ratti'm, why you take advantage of my crush and break my heart so? I tell you I don't have much neosoul and the next few songs are all neosoul. My heart bleeds, so far so not good :(...hehe..You heard of James Morisson? If not do right by me and check him out. have a lovely weekend.

  10. Beautiful. I was a bit stressed before reading it, but I feel more tranquil now. We are all still learners until the day we die. And I feel you on not following the crowd. Well written!

  11. @Cappuccine Baby, you had better be sure,lol*

    @OPTIMISTIC_alyzzz,oh you flatter mw with words...thank you.
    Nice of you to drop by*

    @TayneMent,sorry about the heartbreak,hehe..
    Wait lets see James Morrison...hnnnm don't think i've got him in my library, would be checking it out, thanks for that*
    Lovely weekend!

    aww glad you feel a little better after that read,that's the whole idea..appreciate your being here.

  12. Thanks people, lovely weekend*

  13. Beautiful! you're a really good writer :-)

  14. LMAO, did Taynement just call you 'Ratti'm'! Razzness..!
    I don't know what my happy place is o, hmmmm. Could it be chilling in solitude and just enjoy the very essence of being?
    I will get back to you.

    I dey like these ya song selections o.

  15. @*Diane*,aww that's so sweet...
    Many thanks*

    @Original Mgbeke,don't mind TayneMent,hehe!
    Your Happy place could be what you mentioned too..All in all,it's a getaway spot-a place to be reflective in solitude*
    ..glad you feeling those song selections,do have a nice weekend.


  16. i like reading ur comments and i love jill scott.i try not to let pple put me in a box

  17. Great piece of writing. And BTW, I love Jill Scott.

  18. @ miz-cynic,good thing you try not to let people do that to you, after all it's never a good feeling-that box. And Jill Scott is amazing isn't she..
    P.S-thanks for that concerning my comments *

    @ Ore,great of you to drop by,thank you.., Jill Scott certainly deserves all our attention*

    Nice weekend everyone*

  19. listen to sway ft loick essien's ''special place'

    im just saying thats all...

  20. @...PokerFACe...,listening to it sort of reminds me of JJC Squad-pretty good!
    Thanks for the heads up*


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