Thursday, July 09, 2009

Lost To Remembrance

Quote of the day:

Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.

Temptation is the mother of all sins...

I walked briskly down the narrow street, cell phone in my left ear listening to the voice at the other end. It was a cloudy evening and the cold winds sent shivers down my back, chasing out all the warmth.

'Take the next turn',a female voice said.
'Hello,are you there'?
Yes,i said clearing my throat. I am here.
Okay, 'take the next turn,and keep walking down the street'.
And the line went dead.

My heartbeat was abnormal.
But hey,so was this little adventure of ours.
My palms were sweaty and i didn't have a clue where i was being led to as my mind flashed back to that first phone call hours ago.
..'let us meet tonight',she had whispered.

But what about...'i had started saying'...
Do not worry about that...tonight he's not coming home. I will give you directions, she had replied.

I close my eyes........
I saw a figure walking down one side of a busy street....Car horns blaring and dozens of people coming and going. Loud laughter erupted out of a nearby bar and blended with the noise from all the cars...

The shrill ring of my cell phone startled me out of my vague thoughts...

'At the end of the street,you will come to a crossroad.
Go left' she said.

The figure kept walking and along the curb,dressed in a black T-shirt with white shorts,carrying a travelling bag. The t-shirt had something written on it...

I got to the end of the street, and she was right about the crossroads.
I gazed up into the night skies silently watching the stars twinkle...heart beating more than a thousand beating drums.

The figure looked back and seemed to be staring at nothing in particular, and then continued walking. After a while he stoppped and searched frantically inside his bag for something.....he brought out a phone and turned around while speaking. He looked straight at me...written boldly in front ofhis t-shirt were the words: WHEN YOU MIX TEMPTATION WITH DANGER ,WHAT DO YOU GET?

I stood staring at the heavenly stars for a long hands by my side, letting my breath escape in short bursts. I took it all in camly...
....and then i turned back the same way i had come...i retraced my steps as an oncoming car blinded me for a moment..with my cell phone ringing non-stop i continued walking and didn't noticed a sticker on the car that said: WHEN YOU MIX TEMPTATION WITH DANGER ,WHAT DO YOU GET?

I had a brainwave a while ago...and this story was the aftermath.

Current Listen: Talib Kweli -Ms.Hill



  1. First????

    I am never first.

  2. You get CAUGHT!
    Nice one.

  3. atleast you saw the writing on the wall and could read!
    love the quote for the day!
    Let's go practice... with a smile on our faces oh!

  4. @Buttercup,glad you've been so AWOL-hope everything's fine.

  5. Oh my!

    good thing you didn't go.
    I loved this read, original writing!
    I wont be around for a while, I wish u the best in the meantime!

  6. @Adaeze,why thank you...
    Uh oh going MIA again..? Wish you all the best*

  7. wow, like it!
    Good thing ya turned around... Been there before, backing down at the last moment...
    Temptation + Danger is only fun for a minimal period then the worst follows, lol...

  8. @Lil Miss Thang,you are right about it only being for a minimal period...nice seeing you on here!

  9. Nice write up.

    Just what I needed to read right now!

  10. oooooh very scary sha. but thought provoking. honestly what do you get, lol a beat down amongst other things! Very good morale behind this story.

  11. @Miss Natural,a beat down or something worse :(
    Thanks for dropping by*


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