Thursday, September 24, 2009

I Don't Like The Way You Are

Quote of the day:

The deepest definition of youth is life as yet untouched by tragedy.
-Alfred North Whitehead

I do not like the way you stare at me.
With those wild eyes.

I do not like the way you look.
With those dark clothes.

I do not like the way you love.
Empty feeling and emotions.

I do not like the way you are.
A stranger hiding in the dark.

What would i like?
I would like to....

Think with your thoughts.
Watch with your eyes.
Love with your heart.
Escape with your body.

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  1. love the quote of the true. nice poem too.

  2. loved the quote...didnt really get the poem.

  3. Woke up in a good mood today
    This definitely took it up a notch

  4. Nice quote. And the poem too, a bit contradictory.

  5. nice poem
    i know that feeling
    empty emotions

  6. Much love guys.

    @leggy: yer the poem is kind of trickish ;)

  7. totally get the poem
    empty emotions se
    i totally understand
    wholeness comes from time spent with God...
    The more time spent
    the more wholeness an individual receives

    really deep.

  8. .... I like the way this .. "are" lol.. I love this piece...

    Have an awesome weekend... x

  9. Tisha: Hi ya. How are you? Nice of you to stop by..

    Remi: Thanks for loving it :)
    Enjoy your weekend,yea!

  10. Deep. The persona does not like "the way you stare at me with those wild eyes"; "the way you look with those dark clothes"; they way you are. A stranger hiding in the dark". And yet the persona would like to "think with your thoughts"; "watch with your eyes"; "love with your heart" etc etc. It is all so paradoxical. It's almost as if the only reason the persona does not like 'these' is because he/she cannot personalise them yet.

  11. Nana Yaw Asiedu: I applaud your indepth analysis-i see you saw past through the contradictions.
    Good one bro!

  12. Hmmm...
    reminds me of a line from the movie 'baby boy'
    "How can you say you love me and not gimme no love?"

  13. staring with wild eyes? I thot u men wld like that. lol!

    another nice peace me dear!

  14. Nice one bruv..Your words are always on ya!

  15. I feel the poem. i am tempted to ask, what's your muse, what inspires all these pretty poems

  16. I like the poem.....when you're drawn to something you dont understand and don't necessarily like, you should try to find out whats underneath it.... Anyway your poem got me wanting to Walter Raleigh's reply to Christopher Marlowe's "Passionate Shepherd...." you may know it, since you like poetry... anyway... here you go.

    I hate the way you turn away
    When I try to meet your eyes

    I do not like that look you get
    When your gaze falls on my clothes

    I do not like the way you think
    My love is not profound

    I do not like that to you I’m still
    A stranger in the dark

    More than anything
    I just want you

    To Look into my mind
    See the world through my eyes
    Feel the love that fills my heart
    And possess my body like it is yours.


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