Thursday, September 17, 2009

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Moment Of Truth

Quote of the day:

Do not protect yourself by a fence, but rather by your friends. -Czech Proverb

One great thing about today...and then some.

1. Today marks my 10th month of blogging (woa, already?) It all started out in Dec 08 back then when with no way of knowing where this blog was headed i just kept writing...and haven't looked back since. So it's ten months down the line today...and to think i'm just getting started!

2. Total number of posts till date -276 posts.
3. Visitors from 62 countries (and err mars) since feb 09...and counting.

One way or the other i know people will stumble upon my blog, and mehn wish i could send out gifts to you all (and not to forget the aliens too).

So to my new found friends in the blogosphere, this post goes out to you. And that includes those who have never commented on any posts but still visit all the same.

Lastly,thanks to each and every single one of you that ever commented on my blog, and also to those who've sent me mails and added me on twitter. Much love folks. Much love.

So far so good...moving forward.

Current Listen: Lighthouse Family- Ain't No Sunshine



  1. congratulations who knows where this blog thing will lead you. you might become the editor of a magazine who knows

  2. congrats on your 10-month anniversary! many more great posts to come i'm sure.

  3. congratulations oh

  4. For just ten months of blogging, your blog is AWESOME!!!!! Yeahhhh!!! Now hand over my

  5. Jaycee: Thanks so much,appreciate that. And err i'm sending your gift right away. So watchout :)

  6. Yeah, I want a gift oh! j/k. Congrats dear, you really are touching people and making a difference.

  7. 276 post within less than a year?!! waow!! u deserve a pat on the back.

    anyway, i like ur blog so keep doing what u do. :)

  8. Congrats...very soon it will be 1 year anniversary...

    But 276 posts in 10 months? I would not have guessed. You must be a very dedicated blogger.

    Keep moving forward...

  9. two hundred and gini post? in just 10 months? wow. congratulobia though. loo

  10. You aint seen nothin yet..Keep flyin high bro..Always loved your post and congratulations to you one more time...Such a long list of posts tho :)

  11. You and Mars?? aliens?? lool and when you start sending out the presents... tell me on twitter.. I think i want a CONGRATS!!!

  12. Thank you beautiful folks.
    Far too kind!

  13. Lol@Mars... Hope you'd be around for the next decade!

  14. Congratulations! Woohoo. You have blogged a lot in 10 months oh! No doubr, enriched anbd encouraged a lot of folks and ... Those aliens! Lol!
    I want present too oh!
    But seriously, ur posts ...hmm they always make me see things from yet another angle --- and I always seem to need to refresh and my weekly action after visiting!

    Well done!

  15. @Ms. 'dufa: Hey you. Thanks for that:)

    Remi: Hi ya. Thank you so much for the encouraging words.Always nice to have you around.

  16. my first time here...simple yet solid BLOG! such success for a 10month blog?congratulations man

  17. Congrats and keep the posts coming!

  18. Our fav complex man.. we love you jare. Complex or not! LOL

  19. Congrats on 10 months of blogging! Blogville wouldn't be the same without you :)

  20. It's not possible.. How did I miss this post?
    Congrats bro. You rock!! More grease to your elbow.

  21. @Nice: Me ehn? Watch your back,lol.

    GNG: Awww isn't that sweet..thank you.

    ochuko: Good looking out bro.

  22. I love the quotes. Wish you could compile them and I'll surely buy a copy!


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