Tuesday, September 15, 2009

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Everything Is New

Quote of the day:

Live as brave men; and if fortune is adverse, front its blows with brave hearts. -Cicero

It's amazing how things don't turn out as one always expects. I mean there you are hoping for the worst to happen-like being involved in a terrible accident for instance...an accident that you were sure would be the beginning of the end for you...but instead what do you come out with? Just a bruise here and there, and most likely shock.

Yes life could be that- a shock...

We often hope for the best,while expecting the worst.
We smile outwardly, but deep inside, a furnance of sorts burns us out slowly.
Thing is, whatever we might be experiencing at this moment, has already been passed through by someone else before...

When people ask me, 'what's new with you'?
I always reply with 'everything is new'. The old me would have been like 'err nothing is new'...

You see for one-the sunrise today is new, it's a new day outside, new wishes, a thousand and one other new reasons that i could write down...but all in all new everything.

In essense i guess what i'm trying to say is that -why not make everything to be always new with yourself?

But never be mistaken...and never get it twisted.
Everything might be new- but there's nothing new nor hidden under the sun.


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  1. Sigh I love this. I almost screamed I love you, Blogoratti lol. Thanks for this.

    oh looks like am First! :)

  2. Nice one, I will try and put it in practice on those days I just feel like hmmmm...

  3. Nice one. Why not make everything always new?

    This should make you look at life a lil differently..

    I like...

  4. Thanks hommie for the sweet reminder.The strength of any man durin tryin times is the resolve and level headedness he exhibits through those times..by concealin all his worries and smiling through it all..

  5. TM: Hehe really? Glad you like it,yes!!

    MW: Yer only on those days...

    Fab: Hnnnm Hmmmn :)

    TRYBES: Most welcome,and hey good lookin'out bro.

  6. true words bro.... the newness starts in our minds...

  7. akaBagucci: All in the mind..hey nice seeing you on here.

    Many thanks!

  8. I like the oxymoron...everything is new, but don't get it twisted...nothing is new under the sun.

    These two things, seemingly opposite, are in the bible. It takes wisdom to really understand what both mean...

    Love this post. Thank you.

  9. Jaycee: Takes true wisdom indeed,couldn't agree more. Really appreciate your comments.

  10. tried leaving a comment yesterday but my internet/laptop froze.

    Another nice post. It's nice to see how one can look at it from a different point of view.

  11. Tigeress: Hi ya.
    Different point of view is all it's about. Nice seeing you on here..


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