Sunday, December 06, 2009

Plans For The New Week

Quote of the day:

History will be kind to me for I intend to write it.
-Sir Winston Churchill

Hello people.
It's been a more or less stress free week...well for me that is.
Full of intrigues though...

Last week saw me racing to deal with an assortment of tasks...
But all in all i did accomplish a greater part of all that i set out to do.

Plans For The Week
1. Be confident.
2. Blog.
3. Workout.
4. Take a break from work.
5. Make a shopping list.
6. Enjoy the outdoors.
7. Build better relationships with people.
8. Let go of things in life i don't need.
9. Conclude work on a personal project.
10. Never stop believing.

Enjoy the week folks. Remember....
You have the power to write your own history!

Current Listen: R.Kelly -Religious



  1. We all are writing our own history as we speak.

  2. @Nice Anon: One day at a time..

  3. @ Nice, true that.
    @ Blogoratti, hope u tick off all items on ur list.

  4. Nice one. Na that "work out" part me i suppose work on, cos my bele is balling out of control Seriously! and I don't even drink!

  5. loved the quote, love the song even more - have a blessed week

  6. hehehe my frend lives on wiston churchill road here in CA---lol, random i know!

    lovely quote nd lovely post!

  7. I'm so feeling #1 and #10........
    Have a great week,Blogoratti!

  8. @everyone: Much love. Great week!

  9. hope u started achieving much today
    have a great week

  10. @BBB: Yes indeed...thanks for dropping by. Enjoy your week,yea*

  11. A few weeks of sloth before it'll be time to put in motion my new resolutions for the year 2010 and hopefully for the rest of my life...

    Happy week to you...

  12. just stumbled on ur blog, love ur quotes, have a gde week too....x

  13. @muyiwa: Thanks a lot bro.

    @P.T: A few weeks of sloth uhn,hehe...nice!
    Nice seeing you here and do have a happy week!!

    @miss b: Hey first timer. *Rings bell :)
    Thanks for stopping by,hope to see you around,yea*

  14. I had a to-do list too at the beginning of last week and I felt do glad and relieved at the end of the week when I had managed to tick them all off!

    Love the quote.

  15. @Favoured Girl: Hnnm looks like your plans went well then :)
    Appreciate your comment. Have a nice week!


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