Tuesday, January 26, 2010

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Our Body & Soul

Quote of the day:

We are not bodies with souls. But souls with bodies.
-Kevin R. Bean

A Haitian woman prays as she attends an open air Catholic mass next to the ruins of a cathedral in Port-au-Prince January 17, 2010.

Many Haitians have turned to God for an explanation of their impoverished country's worst catastrophe in living memory, which has killed up to 200,000 people.

Photos credit: REUTERS

Today- Why not appreciate life and the people around you...
Live each day like it was your very last.
Do the things that you really enjoy the most...

You know why...?
Tomorrow might just be too late.


Current Listen: Aaliyah -One in a Million



  1. true....we've to live each day like it's our last

  2. The best thing I like about this post is the title, "Our Body and Soul." Because our bodies can perish...but it's the soul that goes on...to eternity.

  3. So so true...

    @Jaycee, I totally agree.

  4. First of all.. I can't believe you still listen to Aaliyah's One in a million..d good old days..lol

    Second... I agree with you post... I am so in tune wit it right now....

  5. umm this is cool,na true you talk oo

  6. so true. everyday is a present to us from God. We should treat is as such.

  7. U know we should live our lives according to those lines and not just when sth catastrophic happens...yah if only

  8. tomorrow is not promise and there's nothing and no one like God tot ake us through today.


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