Monday, February 01, 2010

The Borrower

Quote of the day:

Your whole idea about yourself is borrowed--
borrowed from those who have no idea of who they are themselves.

I want you to take a moment to just reflect.
Think. Think. Think.

Reflect on whether your whole idea about yourself is borrowed....

You see we take little things from other people's lives on a daily basis-say a mode of dressing, or talking or walking...or whatever it is that we borrow...we take what we've borrowed-modify it and blend it into our lives...a sort of remix to an original song, a sort of new wine in old bottle.

Nothing bad in being a borrower.

But when do you know to stop borrowing....and start believing in yourself again....
Go back to the old you-and the things that made YOU who you are today.

Who cares what people really think about you.
About how you look and the what clothes you wear?
Don't be like no one else. Just be yourself.

You know why?
In the end...all that really matters is what and how you feel about yourself.
So stop borrowing. Instead be proud.

Happy new month easy.

Current Listen: Susan Boyle -Proud



  1. Why do I feel this post is for me...


    BTW... I am first!

  2. Yes you are a first..harry.
    And hey many thanks for dropping by*

  3. Sometimes we have to borrow our ideas and inspiration from others, but then we have to transform them into our own originals.

    I like.

  4. "In the end...all that really matters is what and how you feel about yourself"

    Word. Basic principle: feel good about yourself and you'll be at peace with the universe and vice versa.

  5. Haha. Everyone would feel like this post is for them.
    I do and I don't but I don't know why I don't. 'Cause I think about it sometimes i.e. we all borrow something. I used to think it was only me though...
    Sigh. I leave too much long comments which I am avoiding but yeah, I like this.

  6. True talk!!! Borrowing certain idea from other is essential but making them are own is crucial....."we were all born different to make a difference"

  7. @Jaycee: Liking the fact that you like :)

    @48: ..'be at peace with the universe', i like the sound of that.

    @..Moyo: I know what you mean...and err why avoid leaving long comments-i must find out ;)

    Thanks for sharing guys! All in all what would life be without borrowers..i wonder?

  8. Blowing Blessings Your Way: All born to make a difference...yes we can.
    Thanks for that.

  9. As long as you stay true to yourself it's fine to borrow.

  10. i guess just the general idea, that there is nothing new under the sun...but with that said....nothing better than being u...i love this

  11. Hmmm...I like this!! I think, though, that borrowing is inevitable...we are a product of our environment. I guess understanding why and what we are borrowing is key too.

    Nice Picture, Blogo :)

  12. yeah well written,you have to believe in yourself to achieve your aim

  13. @Suru: Hey that's what its all about
    @neefemi: Hi...glad you love,wink*

    @Repressed One: Hey nice seeing you on here,been a while uhn.Thanks for the compliment too ;)
    @Muyiwa: Right on bro.

  14. Hmmm, really though-provoking as usual. It is really a remix! time to go back to the real you! seen.

  15. I know how often my way of talking, the slangs I use, my way of dressing etc, has been influenced by people around i totally feel this post...

  16. Jesus! Did u like just slap me in the face and tell me to listen? hmmmm.....
    But what happens when we cant distinguish between what is ours and...what isnt?

    ot that Im talking about me just wondering if..
    oh wareva!
    Im rambling....

  17. I am going to try and apply this to mmyself and my life, actually apply and not just read, think about it for a while and move on. thanks for that


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