Thursday, February 04, 2010

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Book Of Jobs

Quote of the day:

The less effort, the faster and more powerful you will be.
-Bruce Lee

The Economist Cover:
Steve Jobs as a modern day Moses??

I guess it sucks badly to be Steve Jobs right about now...with jokes about the name -ipad, and other negative product reviews flying all over the place for the Apple ipad.

Apple ipad features here.

Week's been good so far...
How is your week playing out... interesting i hope.
Much luv folks.

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  1. So what do I think of the Ipad? I wasn't even a big fan of the iphone. Did the Economist have him like that on the cover? LOL...Have a nice week dear.

  2. Hmmm...the looks cute, but I'm not interested! LOL @ the cover!

  3. hey..Dunno how I feel about this iPad tho??


  4. @MW: Yes they did, hehe. Have a great weekend, yea.

    @Blowing Blessings Your Way: Not interested..argh you are not alone.

    @bob-ij: Hi ya...nice seeing you.

  5. I am interested... i do want an iPad... i even bloggged about it....

  6. ipad,ipad,lets wait till they lauch it

  7. Blogo kilon poppin' na? Any gist for boys?

  8. Wasn't a fan of iphone, so not sure if i would like the ipad. Have a lovely weekend

  9. eya i didnt hear that, i thought it wud have positive reviews. I like the cover, its funny, the book of jobs :)i actually thought u were going to talk about the bible when i saw ur heading

  10. @muyiwa: Hmmmn can't wait eh?

    @Sugarking: Gist ke? You are the gist master remember? Hehe.

    @The Girl with the Red Hair: Seen. Lovely weekend yea*

    @Miss Natural: Yea i thought it was real funny too :)

  11. Apple apparently never had poor folks in mind in all their invention.. like myne whitman, never been a big fan of the iphone.. I found your post interesting.. keep it up..

  12. the ipad is cool ...although abit over hyped like all things apple !


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