Thursday, February 18, 2010

Pendant Round Your Neck

Quote of the day:

He who speaks without modesty will find it difficult to make his words good.

I walked along the gloomy streets.
I stopped and saw you in the distance.

A silhouette against the receding cloud.
A duet of unspoken emotions aloud.

It's a game.
It's roulette.

Red or black?
Even or Odd?

At times we have to die literally.
To experience a rebirth.

It was an intimate moment.
You and I.

I felt it.

The pendant around your neck.
That elegance in your stride.
And lots more that i eyed.

I swam across a waveless sea.
Drowned in a waterless lake.
It was a conflict to stay awake.

Forgive my penchant.
For that pendant around your neck.

Current Listen: Fantasia -When I See You



  1. Lucky girl with the pendant! :)

  2. awwww how sweet....very lucky girl...

  3. @P.T: Hehe,hi ya.


  4. wow!.. I'm jealous.. lol..

  5. This is too cute. Nice, melikey...

  6. @2cute4u: Don't be :)

    @MW: Aw thanks for liking..

    @Blowing Blessings Your Way: Appreciate your stopping by.

    @Harry-Rami Itie: Thanks bro.

  7. nice play on words

    you'd have to give a tutorial some day on the style you use

    really nice

  8. @Anon: Why thank you for stopping by, appreciate that.

  9. I'm currently watching season 1 of LOST, and this is too cliche. Lol.

    Lovely write-up as usual :)

  10. @Jaycee: I thought LOST was awesome!
    Thank you very much. Glad you approve..and hey I see you :)

  11. awww as in i wish all it took was a pendant to get the guy of my dreams. as usual very lovely

  12. @Miss Natural: Aww that would nice wouldn't it,hehe. Gracias.

  13. This is nice what a compliment to write a poem about someone...

  14. really usual..few words yet deep..

    have a nice wkend, blogo

  15. hmmm..."And lots more that i eyed." suggestive.
    Is the "pendant on your neck" her heart, or am I just getting carried away?
    Too sweet...she really is a lucky chick.
    Don't worry, I'll be back to twitter before you know it. Just trying to focus...


  16. @Suru: Much love, thank you.

    @histreasure: Glad you like,you are far too kind. Enjoy your weekend-and have fun.

    @bob-ij: ..'Is the "pendant on your neck" her heart'?
    Hmmn you may be onto something there dimples,wink*
    Okay seen. Be on the lookout for you on twitter then..keep your head up. Much Luv.

  17. i love the line
    "a duet of unspoken emotions aloud"

  18. @Femme Lounge: Yes !!!

    @Formerly stealth reader: Appreciate that. Nice seeing you on here*


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